Texas C-Section Complications Lawyers

While the general trend as a whole is a rise in more Cesarean births (C-section), some doctors and hospitals continue to make mistakes. This includes recommending vaginal birth to mothers at risk, failing to perform C-sections in a timely way and failing to execute the process correctly.

If you believe you or your baby suffered injuries as a result of a medical professional's negligence concerning a C-section, it is important to partner with a team of lawyers who will hold him or her accountable for the injury and his or her failure to follow proper care standards.

Houston C-Section Infection Lawyers

We are prepared to reach out to our network of obstetricians and other medical professionals to fully understand issues that may have contributed to an injury, including:

  • Failure to perform a necessary C-section
  • Unnecessary C-sections
  • Mistakes made during a C-section that led to serious injury or death
  • Other mistakes in the delivery room
  • Injured organs (bladder, ureter, bowel, blood vessels)

It is important to realize that failure to monitor fetal condition during labor or failure to perform an emergency C-section can be seriously injurious. If you have any questions or concerns about a C-section that was performed on you or a family member, please get in touch.

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