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No one seems to know what happened. Your loved one was doing okay one day and the next was in a coma. The doctors told you it was a hypoxic or anoxic brain injury and that there was nothing they could have done. Don’t accept their statement at face value. Contact a Houston, Texas hypoxic & anoxic brain injury lawyer from Davis & Davis today for experienced help in finding out the truth.

Hypoxic & Anoxic Brain Injury Lawyer in Houston, Texas

When a doctor’s negligence or medical malpractice causes a serious brain injury, the results can be devastating for the entire family. Caring for a loved one who has suffered a brain injury can be emotionally and financially overwhelming.

The team of experienced and dedicated malpractice attorneys at the Houston law firm of Davis & Davis can offer you honest answers, straightforward guidance, and experienced representation in the fight for justice for your loved one and the financial compensation you and your family need.

Common Causes of Hypoxic & Anoxic Brain Injuries

There are many negligent medical errors that can result in a severe hypoxic or anoxic brain injury, including:

  • Anesthesia complications such as esophageal intubation, improper placement of the tube and improper monitoring of the patient’s condition during surgery
  • Birth injuries and fetal brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy, lasting developmental deficits or wrongful death
  • Pulmonary embolism resulting in hypoxic brain injury or wrongful death
  • Misdiagnosed heart attack or stroke resulting in interruption of blood flow to the brain
  • Surgical errors such as improper monitoring of the patient’s blood oxygen saturation levels
  • Inadequate monitoring of patient following surgery (failing to place the patient in a telemetry unit or ICU)
  • Medication errors such as the administration of contraindicated drugs or drug overdose resulting in a stroke or seizure that causes brain injury

Regardless of the specific cause, we believe it is our duty to fight for the victims of medical negligence resulting in brain injury or death of a patient. We are one of the few remaining Texas law firms that are committed to helping the victims of medical malpractice recover the full amount of compensation allowed under Texas law.

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