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Hospitals have many protocols to be followed by staff that ensure a baby’s well-being during labor and delivery. Monitors are set up for the baby that display danger and/or warning signs if a baby is in distress. This provides timely information that allows doctors to step in and prevent any damage.

More specifically, when a woman goes into labor, the unborn baby is carefully monitored for oxygen. If there is any abnormal pattern (prolonged contractions, hyper-contractions, abnormal baby heart rate, uterine overstimulation), the doctor can perform an emergency C-section or use other methods to ensure safety.

At this point, a doctor can perform an emergency C-section or use other methods to ensure safety. Correctly executing these measures requires vigilance and oversight.

When doctors and medical professionals fail in their duties to properly attend to mothers and babies, serious and long-term physical and psychological injuries can result, including quadriplegia and retardation.

If your child suffered fetal distress during delivery, understanding why is critical. When medical professionals fail in their duty, they need to be held accountable and you need to be compensated.


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