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Preeclampsia and eclampsia each present complications that can injure a mother or baby.

Preeclampsia is among the more common and dangerous pregnancy complications. Preeclampsia occurs when hypertension (high blood pressure) arises in pregnancy due to protein accumulation in urine. Preeclampsia progresses differently in patients, but most cases are diagnosed preterm. That said, it may occur up to six weeks after delivery. Cesarean sections and early induction of labor are the only known cures. When a doctor fails to diagnose or treat the condition, it can pose a significant risk to the child, resulting in less oxygen and failing to grow. When a mother is exposed, the results can be extremely injurious or fatal.

Eclampsia occurs once out of every several thousand pregnancies and is characterized by seizures (convulsions) in a pregnant woman unrelated to preexisting brain conditions. It follows preeclampsia, but it is difficult to tell when it will progress from preeclampsia. When it progresses unchecked, it can result in seizures, brain injuries, neurological damage to a mother, and cerebral palsy or death to the child.

If a family member suffered a serious birth injury due to a delivery-room mistake regarding preeclampsia or eclampsia, you need to know that there is someone fighting for justice for you, your child and your family. We are here to do that.


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