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January 2013 Archives

Misdiagnosis leads to unnecessary removal of kidneys

Readers in Houston, Texas, expecting to undergo surgery may be surprised to learn about what a recent international study published in The Lancet found. According to the study, certain misdiagnosis issues related to such procedures actually resulted in unnecessary kidney removal.

While surgical errors are rare, mistakes do happen

Chances are, residents in the Houston, Texas, area have either gone through surgery themselves or know someone who has. With millions of operations performed each year, surgeries are considered common these days. For the most part, they occur without any problems or complications. However, a Loyola University study found that many surgical errors occur each year.

Hospital and its doctors sued for child's cerebral palsy

As many parents in the Houston, Texas area know, having a child is a big responsibility. But parents who entrust their child to medical professionals should not have to worry about the quality of health care the child receives. Unfortunately for one set of parents, the quality of that care has become a major concern. They are suing a hospital after their child was born with cerebral palsy due to allegedly preventable complications from the birth.

Texas hospital and others sued for causing brain damage

Generally, expectant mothers in Houston, Texas, probably expect the birth of their child to occur without any major medical issues. Unfortunately for one Texas teen, this was not the case. After it was decided that she should undergo a C-section, the young mother was given spinal anesthesia which then led to severe complications. The girl's family is now suing the hospital and medical professionals for negligent medical care that resulted in permanent brain damage.

Study shows 28 percent of ICU patients die with misdiagnosis

When readers in Houston go to the hospital, they expect their doctors to accurately diagnose their medical conditions and then properly treat them according to that diagnosis. However, this of course is not always the case. Instead, a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose can occur. When these events happen, patients can be at risk of serious medical malpractice injuries and death.

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