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October 2016 Archives

Why would doctors lie about medical errors?

Medical providers in the Houston area have a duty to offer the best medical care possible to their patients. Patients who need medical care have the right to expert care that is comprehensive and accurate. Most of the time doctors are able to accomplish this task. But, occasionally a medical mistake occurs that puts the life of a patient at risk. Occasionally doctors who perform a medical error lie about it, putting at risk the life of another patient.

Detailed checklist and error tracking help assess surgeon skill

When a Houston resident needs to have surgery it can be a stressful situation. All surgeries carry risk but an error caused by a surgeon may be the result of negligence. The training a surgeon receives is important in making sure they don't make negligent surgical errors.

Radiology errors can lead an inaccurate diagnosis

Many Houston residents go to the doctor each year with a medical condition. Doctors are skilled at examining their patients and diagnosing their condition. Most of the time they get it right. But occasionally diagnostic mistakes are made and a patient receives a wrong diagnosis. Sometimes these are the results of radiology errors.

Dental mistakes can cause a patient to suffer serious injuries

Most Houston area residents visit the dentist at least once a year. Dentists are important in making sure their patient's oral health needs are being met and to keep their patient's mouths healthy. Most dentists are professionals and offer exceptional care, but occasionally a dentist or an oral surgeon will cause serious injury to their patient.

Houston law firm stands up to negligent doctors

Advances in medical education and technology have allowed medical professionals to treat diseases with more efficiency and effectiveness. However, when it comes to successfully treating a medical condition, time is often of the essence. A disease that is caught early enough may be beaten, but this depends on a medical professional's ability to quickly and accurately diagnose the condition at hand, which may include ordering the correct tests and properly reading them. Therefore, despite technological advances, much of healthcare is still left to human actions.

What are the symptoms of Wernicke's encephalopathy?

Vitamins are an essential necessity for our bodies to function properly. Your body needs one vitamin in particular, Vitamin B1, to avoid devastating consequences to your health. While this vitamin turns your food into energy for your body to use, it also helps your immune system, especially through stressful times. But a lack of Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, can cause Wernicke's encephalopathy, which is a brain disease that can become fatal.

What is the statute of limitations for medical malpractice?

When a Houston resident visits their doctor they assume they will receive the best care possible. Although there are many stories on the news of people suffering from a medical mistake, no one ever expects it to happen to them. But, if the unthinkable does happen, how long does a person have to file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

New medical models may help train surgeons

Houston residents who need surgery appreciate that their surgeons are well-trained. Usually patients are not excited about having surgery, but knowing that they are in good hands can be reassuring. Most of the time surgeries go as planned, but occasionally a surgical error can occur. A new company is making medical models that may help reduce surgical errors.

Medical malpractice and orthopedic surgeons

Many Houston residents will need the help from an orthopedist at some point in their life. Many people need new hips, knee replacements, have sports injuries, etc. that require the care of an orthopedist. Most orthopedists provide excellent care, but occasionally something goes unexpectedly wrong and results in an unexpected injury and a medical malpractice claim.

A concussion needs immediate attention

Many Houston residents have children involved in sports. From a very early age, kids join soccer and basketball league, play football, and lots of other sports. In recent years, a focus on kids getting concussions has taken center stage. A recent article in the journal Pediatrics highlights the importance of removing kids who have concussions and damage to the brain from the field immediately.

Sepsis, if not caught early, can be deadly

Many Houston residents have had medical emergencies that have required immediate treatment. Most of the time, the treatment they receive is appropriate for their condition and they get better. But, occasionally a person can receive a wrong diagnosis which leads to a worsened condition or even death.

Electronic medical records can cause problems for patients

As many Houston residents have noticed, electronic health records have become very popular among medical providers. Just a few years ago, most doctors were using pen and paper during appointments, but most doctors now use a computer. There are many benefits to using electronic health records, but occasionally a medical error occurs because of them which can lead to wrongful death.

Deaf patients may experience substandard medical care

When a Houston patient goes to the doctor they assume that their doctor will listen to their concerns and understand how to best treat them. Most of the time this is the case but for certain populations, like the deaf community, good medical care may be hard to find. Many times, deaf and hard of hearing patients do not have adequate translating services available to them which may lead to their doctor's failure to diagnose their medical condition.

Veterans may have received improper brain exams

Veterans are some of the most important people in our country. They have sacrificed many things in order to defend the United States. Veterans deserve the very best medical care but unfortunately it often falls short. One instance of this occurring has been the failure to recognize traumatic brain injury.

A concussion needs immediate attention

Many Houston residents have children involved in sports. From a very early age, kids join soccer and basketball league, play football, and lots of other sports. In recent years, a focus on kids getting concussions has taken center stage. A recent article in the journal Pediatrics highlights the importance of removing kids who have concussions and damage to the brain from the field immediately.

What are some signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy?

Expectant parents in Houston are filled with excitement for the birth of their baby. Months are spent setting up the nursery, buying clothes and other supplies, and dreaming about their baby's future. Usually the birth goes as expected, but occasionally a birth injury like cerebral palsy occurs which changes a family's life forever.

Skin cancer can be deadly if not caught early

Many Houston residents know someone who has suffered from skin cancer. Skin cancer affects affects thousands of Americans each year and can be deadly. If skin cancer is not diagnosed early or receives a wrong diagnosis, it can lead to intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments and even death.

Understanding the serious nature of traumatic brain injuries

Brain injuries are one of the most difficult types of injuries victims and families have to cope with following a car accident or other type of traumatic accident. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) contribute to approximately 30 percent of all injury-related deaths. Each day in the United States, 138 victims die from injuries that include TBIs. Symptoms and signs of a TBI can include impaired thinking and memory; impaired movement or sensation, including vision and hearing; and impaired emotional function which can include personality disruptions and depression.

Perineal tears: The birth injury experienced but not discussed

For expectant parents experiencing the joys of pregnancy for the first time, every development is cause for a celebration. Ultrasound pictures, visible stirring in the womb and recorded fetal heartbeats all show the beauty of the new life that is developing. In many cases, the novelty of each aspect of infant growth often overshadows the mother's accompanying tiredness and nausea that may seem to appear and disappear on a whim. As with the lesser-mentioned aspects of pregnancy that impact a mother's body, so too can birth injuries influence the recovery of the mother.

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