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December 2016 Archives

Study shows doctor errors are often obscured by those making them

It is an unfortunate reality that there are instances in which a negligent physician will make a mistake and lead to a Texan having to deal with delayed treatment and worsened condition after a failure to diagnose. There is an expectation when a person goes for medical care that the treatment will be aboveboard and all the information will be disclosed even if a mistake was made. This is particularly true with a primary care physician who is generally supposed to have a close relationship with patients. The reality, however, is that a number of primary care physicians admitted that they would keep information from their patients if they made a mistake.

Can a hospital in Texas be held responsible for a wrongful death?

No one in Houston wants to experience the death of a loved one, particularly during the holiday season. Unfortunately, a wrongful death can occur at any time of the year. Whether it's complications following surgery, a medication error or a failure to diagnose a health condition, when a loved one's death is due to medical malpractice, that person's loved ones may wonder who they can hold responsible. Of course, the first person the victim's family may think of holding liable for their loved one's death is the physician that committed the error. However, there may be other potential defendants as well.

No one should suffer from Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

If someone made you take vitamins and made sure you ate nutritious food as a child, you should thank that person. As it turns out, your brain needs certain vitamins in order to work properly. For example, without appropriate levels of vitamin B-1, or thiamine, you risk significant loss of brain function.

Survey Shows Disturbing Number of Doctors Willing to Hide Harmful Medical Errors

If a doctor makes a mistake and it harms you, then you expect the doctor to admit that an error happened. In any case, you don't expect your doctor to hide a clinical mistake that causes harm.

Failure to diagnose colon cancer can be deadly

As research and technological advances continue to revolutionize medicine, screening and treating cancer has become more efficient and effective. Many individuals who once would have had a very minimal chance of survival are now beating back cancer and living longer, healthier lives. With these advances come a greater responsibility on medical professionals. These doctors and nurses are expected to continue to live up to the applicable standard of care, and failing to do so could result in a patient suffering avoidable injury.

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