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The concept of medical malpractice seems relatively simple. A doctor agrees to provide you with medical care, he or she makes a mistake that causes you harm and you suffer physical, emotional and financial damages that are compensable. Although it seems easy enough to prove, the truth of the matter is that this area of the law is fraught with legal issues that can make a relatively strong case falter, or a weak case become impenetrable.

This is why Texans who have been hurt by a medical professional need to ensure that their legal interests are as fully protected as possible. As we discussed last week, issues such as the applicable standard can come into play when trying to prove medical malpractice, yet, so too can issues such as hearsay, admission of medical records into evidence and impeachment of the defense's witnesses, just to name a few issues.

If you don't adequately address these matters, then you may be set up for a failed claim. You can rest assured that the defense will be prepared to attack several aspects of your claim, so you need to be prepared to counter their arguments while at the same time attempt to satisfy the law's requirements with regard to a negligence finding. The legal team at Davis & Davis assists its clients with these matters on a daily basis.

By providing sound legal advice and aggressive advocacy, our attorneys have achieved a level of success to be proud of. We understand the pain and suffering our clients feel, as well as the financial turmoil that may be thrust upon them. Dedicated to helping these victims reclaim their lives and impose liability on negligent medical professionals, our team does everything in its power to ensure that its clients' claims are as strong as possible given the circumstances. Then, armed with legal knowledge as well as negotiation and litigation skills, we competently give our clients a voice during settlement negotiations and trial.

If you've been hurt by medical malpractice, you owe it to yourself to seek out the help you deserve. Texas attorneys are available to give you guidance and support should you choose to seek their assistance.

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