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June 2017 Archives

Pursuing compensation in a lawsuit for needless surgery

A Texan who is told by a doctor that he or she needs surgery has no reason not to believe that the doctor is right and the surgical procedure is required. That is why a person goes to the doctor: to get the diagnosis and be given a treatment for whatever the issue happens to be. However, there are instances when a doctor says that surgery is required and it really is not. This is dangerous in myriad ways and can lead to serious injury and even death.

Sepsis is a serious risk in Texas hospitals

Like many people, you were probably nervous before your surgery. Whether it is a routine procedure or a life-saving operation, surgery is often frightening and its recovery painful. Your doctor may have reviewed the risks and explained what to expect in the days and weeks of your recovery. However, you weren't prepared for what happened.

Woman receives incorrect cancer diagnosis

In Texas and across the U.S., those who are diagnosed with cancer will inevitably be fearful as to how the situation will proceed. Getting treatment as soon as possible is generally advisable. For some types of cancer, this can send the disease into remission and save the person's life. Regardless of the outcome, the diagnosis is the key. While misdiagnosed cancer is often categorized as a person having the disease and being told that they do not, it also works the other way with a person who does not have cancer being told that he or she has it. With these types of doctor errors, a person can be damaged significantly and has the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Doctor errors in hospitalized children found more often by family

Texans who are seeking medical care for children from a doctor or in a hospital will sometimes be confronted with the wrong diagnosis or some other mistake that can cause damage. Researchers constantly try to sift through data to determine the frequency with which these errors happen. One study found that in four pediatric hospitals, the rates of medical errors reported by family members far surpasses those by hospital incident reports.

Study shows birth injuries from certain medical tools prevalent

Parents who are expecting a child in Texas and feeling excitement over the coming event and all its aspects will be loath to think about any potential negatives that can come about. In some cases, unfortunately, they do. In some instances, they are due to a negligent doctor. Birth injuries can lead to pain, lifelong struggles and massive expenses to treat and care for the child. Studies are done to determine how and why these birth injuries occur and it is important for parents to understand what might have happened in the event they want to consider pursuing compensation in a birth injury case.

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