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January 2018 Archives

Skin cancer can be misdiagnosed as another skin condition

Doctors get paid a lot of money because their skills are oftentimes invaluable in ensuring patient safety. These professionals use their specialized knowledge, developed over years, sometimes even decades, of education and on-the-job training to ensure that they can identify and differentiate medical conditions and then effectively treat them. There's a lot at stake in this field, though, as a doctor who makes what may seem like a harmless mistake could actually be putting his patient's life in jeopardy.

Medical malpractice lawsuit filed after surgical error discovered

We all expect the doctors and nurses that treat us to provide adequate and effective care to the best of their abilities. While many of these professionals live up to this standard, far too many fail. When they do, the results can be utterly tragic. Unsuspecting patients can be left with permanent injuries such as disability and disfigurement, a worsened medical condition, or death. These errant medical professionals need to be held accountable for their injurious and fatal actions and inactions, which oftentimes can only be done by pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Wernicke's treatment simple if caught in time

Your concern for your loved ones knows no end, especially if they struggle with lifestyle issues that endanger their health. You may have watched your spouse or children making questionable choices that threatened their safety of even their lives. Your concerns may fall on deaf ears when it comes to your family members, but this should not be the case when you bring those concerns to a doctor.

Lack of informed consent can form basis for medical malpractice

Medical professionals usually know which course of medical treatment is best suited for a particular injury or illness. However, a patient is the ultimate decider when it comes to the medical treatment that will be rendered. Why? One reason is that certain forms of medical treatment, including surgeries and medication, carry significant risks. If a patient is not aware of these risk, then he or she may make a decision without knowing that he or she could wind up seriously injured or even killed as a result.

Prostate cancer treatable if caught early

Cancer is a word that many Texans hate to hear. It can spark bad memories of loved ones who were overcome by the disease, or it may cause fear for the potential that one may become inflicted by it. Although this disease continues to be deadly for many, advances in detection and treatment have improved the prognoses of many. However, effective treatment of cancer often requires quick detection.

Meconium aspiration syndrome and medical malpractice

The birthing process, though seemingly easy, is immensely difficult. Medical professionals must properly monitor a soon-to-be mother and her unborn child in order to spot any complications and, once those issues are identified, these medical professionals must take quick and effective action. When they fail to adequately monitor or act in response to problematic issues, mothers and their children can be seriously injured or even killed. Recovering from these harms can be challenging in their own right, leaving victims with physical, emotional and financial damages.

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