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February 2018 Archives

Surgical sponges left behind in woman, causing pain

The practice of medicine is inherently dangerous. Patients are often given potent drugs and cut open all in an attempt to cure certain ailments. Fortunately, most medical professionals are thoroughly trained and hold an extensive amount of experience, thereby allowing them to provide competent medical treatment to their patients. Yet, even those who are educated and trained can make mistakes. When errors occur, innocent and unsuspecting patients can suffer significant harm that sometimes leaves them disabled or, in the worst cases, dead.

Depositions can be key to building a strong malpractice case

The Texas legal process to impose liability for medical malpractice can seem labyrinthine. There are a number of rules, and legal strategies may require additional steps throughout all stages of a lawsuit. Although, it may be tempting to rush through the process, doing so could negatively impact one's claim and, thus, his or her ability to recover compensation. Therefore, those pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit need to ensure they are taking the legal steps necessary to build a strong case.

Negligent hospital ordered to pay millions in damages

Although medical professionals are sometimes negligent in their treatment of Texans, the state's Medical Board tries to curtail the furtherance of this negligence by punishing those who fail to live up to the standard of care required of them. However, despite these efforts, far too many Texas hospitals fail to abide by the restrictions placed on doctors by the state's Medical Board. This can result in tragic consequences for unsuspecting patients.

Strong legal advocacy for failure to diagnose claims

Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition can leave an individual with frayed nerves. If you find yourself in this position, then you could find yourself worried about your prognosis, the cost and how it could affect your loved ones. It can truly be scary. But what can be even more terrifying is those individuals whose doctors either fail to diagnose them with a serious medical condition or give them a wrong diagnosis.

Did your pharmacist fill your prescription correctly?

After reading about the potential for prescription errors that doctors may make, you probably asked numerous questions and verified the medication your doctor prescribed. You then went to your local pharmacy to have it filled.

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