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June 2018 Archives

There's a reason they tell you not to eat before surgery

You may not even want to eat after midnight until a doctor tells you that you can't. Suddenly, you feel hungrier than ever. More than likely, during your preoperative appointment, no one took the time to explain why this rule exists. Surely, something small wouldn't make a difference. Actually, it could.

How is brain cancer diagnosed?

Trained medical professionals can often make a quick diagnosis that, in turn, can lead to speedy and effective medical treatment. Oftentimes, this rapid response can lead to a decrease in symptoms, an improved prognosis and even complete remediation of the condition. Other times, however, medical professionals make errors in diagnosing conditions, which can lead to devastating consequences.

Baby dies after doctors fail to diagnose pertussis

The children and the elderly are amongst the most vulnerable people in our society. These individuals often has an undeveloped or weakened immune system that leaves them susceptible to certain diseases. Fortunately, advances in medical treatment have allowed doctors to adequately treat these conditions to ensure that they don't progress to the point of causing extreme harm or death. However, this usually requires a medical professional to make an accurate and timely diagnosis.

Lawsuit succeeds after surgical error causes amputations

Texas patients are supposed to be informed of the risks associated with any medical treatment they are to receive. Then, based on the information at hand, they can choose whether they want to confront the potential risks. However, sometimes medical professionals make mistakes that go beyond the risks identified when informed consent is obtained. These surgical errors can cause extensive, sometimes unbelievable, harm.

Harmed by surgical error? Our Houston firm stand ready to help

Last week on the blog we discussed anesthesia errors and the potential harm they can cause to innocent and unsuspecting patients. Although these types of medical errors can prove deadly, they are not the only mistakes medical professionals make in the operating room. Instead, doctors and nurses sometimes perform the wrong procedures, operate on the wrong part of the body or even leave surgical instruments inside of patients. Other times doctors mistakenly nick veins, arteries or organs, sometimes causing irreparable harm.

What to look for when surgical errors occur

Trust is a tricky thing. In your personal life, you may choose the people you let into your life carefully and only give your trust to people who earn it. Even so, when it comes to a surgeon who will be opening up your body, you may be like other Texas residents and give that trust a bit too easily.

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