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July 2018 Archives

Sepsis can lead to a life-threatening condition called ARDS

The days after a surgical procedure are often the most critical for a number of reasons. Even if you underwent outpatient surgery, your doctor should monitor you closely and diligently follow up with you to ensure that you don't suffer any adverse effects from the procedure, including an infection.

Girl wins medical malpractice claim after batched surgery

Properly provided medical care can be utterly amazing. Medication can alleviate the most severe of symptoms, and surgical interventions can help alleviate what would otherwise be debilitating conditions. However, despite their good intentions, some doctors make errors when providing this medical care. When this happens, a hopeful patient can be left with devastating consequences.

Houston firm aggressively pursuing birth injury cases

Welcoming a child into the world is the start of a new journey. It should be filled with happiness and hope, and begin with strong bonding between a child and his or her parents. Unfortunately, though, many parents in Texas find that, upon birth of their child, they have to focus on ensuring their child's pain is reduced and unexpected injuries can heal. This is no small feat, as birth injuries can be quite severe, resulting in anything from broken bones to brain damage depending on the circumstances at hand.

The severity of Erb's palsy can dictate harm suffered

Newborn babies are extremely fragile. It's pretty amazing, then, that so many of them are born safe and healthy. One reason for this is because competent medical professionals are usually able to guide women through the birthing process in a way that ensures both the mother and child's well-being. Sometimes, however, medical professionals make errors that can cause serious injuries.

Man wins lawsuit after failure to diagnose HIV

Texas residents expect their doctors to provide them with the best care. This is reasonable, especially in light of the amount of training and experience healthcare professionals accumulate before they are considered full-time medical professionals who are able to practice medicine on their own. However, even the most competent doctors can make mistakes that leave a patient suffering undeserved harm. Even more problematic is the fact that far too many medical professionals are incompetent in the way that they treat their patients. This, too, can result in serious injuries and even death.

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