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August 2018 Archives

Documentary highlights dangers of medical devices

Advances in medical research and technology have allowed patients to obtain treatment that was once only imaginable. Although many of these methods are successful, a recent film shines a light on problematic medical devices that can leave unsuspecting Texans with serious harm.

What could go wrong with a Cesarean birth?

When you found out you were pregnant, you may have hoped for a hassle-free pregnancy in which you and your baby thrive, and you may have gotten it. However, now that the birth of the newest member of your family is imminent, you may be wondering what could go wrong.

Medical errors put expecting mothers at risk of harm

One of the things our country prides itself on is its advances in medical research and technologies, which allow Texans to receive quick and effective medical care. In some circumstances, though, medical professionals fail to live up to this vision. Sometimes they have even considered some lapses in medical care to those seen in third-world countries.

New test allows for quicker heart attack detection

Heart attacks are amongst the most deadly medical conditions that can unexpectedly threaten an individual's life. The good news is that if a heart attack is caught quickly enough, medical treatment may be able to stop it, thereby halting any additional damage caused to the heart. This, in turn, can result in an individual's life being saved. However, for heart attacks to be detected, certain tests must be conducted and accurately interpreted.

Seeking medical care in the afternoon may be dangerous

Those who work nine to five job have likely felt a lull in energy that occurs in the early afternoon. One might feel tired or sluggish, and motivation may wane. This can make it difficult just to get through the rest of the day. For many Texans, this can lead to a decrease in productivity. In the medical field though, it can result in serious harm to patients.

Medical malpractice: the importance of expert witnesses

If you've been injured by the negligence of a doctor or other medical professionals, then you may be considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. If you're able to succeed on one of these claims you may be able to recover considerable compensation to help alleviate the damages you have suffered. This may mean recouping medical expenses and lost wages, as well as obtaining money to help ease pain and suffering. Although many of these cases settle before reaching trial, you still need to be prepared to go to trial. First, you may be unable to reach a resolution prior to trial. Second, having a thoroughly prepped case can give you leverage during settlement negotiations.

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