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September 2018 Archives

Thousands of children suffer from severe sepsis every year

Kids tend to be accident prone. They suffer bumps, bruises and cuts on a fairly regular basis that heal well with no complications. They also get sick with the flu and other illnesses from which they recover well. This is mostly due to the fact that kids are also resilient.

Lawsuit: wrong diagnosis caused pain and suffering

Medical malpractice comes in many varieties in Texas. Most of the time, malpractice occurs when a doctor fails to take appropriate action in accordance with applicable medical standards. For example, a doctor may fail to conduct a sponge count following an operation, resulting in a sponge being left inside of a patient. This is often the situation in medical malpractice cases where doctors fail to diagnose a medical condition by neglecting to order the right tests or inaccurately interpreting test results. Sometimes, though, medical malpractice can occur even when it appears that doctors are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

How much does it cost to treat cerebral palsy?

Texas families who are expecting the birth of a child anticipate that the process without be a joyous one. For many, though, giving birth can result in preventable injuries being suffered by a mother and her child. The damages that can result from these incidences can be enormous. A newborn's birth injury can leave him or her with lifelong physical limitation, pain, and suffering that can be costly to treat. A mother can suffer similar physical harm. An emotional toll can be levied, too. Taken as a whole, these damages can be overwhelming and leave a family struggling to figure out how to move on.

Man's leg amputated after infection goes untreated

Even the deadliest medical conditions can initially present as minor problems. Yet, it is in these early stages that these diseases need to be caught to be effectively treated. This means that Texas medical professionals need to be diligent in their diagnosing of patients, ensuring that they accurately order and read all appropriate tests. It is when mistakes in these areas are made that serious medical malpractice can occur. Far too often victims of these circumstances are seriously injured and left to pick up the physical, emotional and financial pieces of their lives.

Failure to diagnose leads to wrongful death award

Texas medical professionals carry a heavy responsibility. They are tasked with diagnosing and treating a seemingly countless number of injuries and illnesses. When those medical conditions are serious, any misstep by a doctor or nurse can lead to severe consequences for a patient. In the worst cases, a patient can die as a result of medical error.

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