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October 2018 Archives

How would you know if you have sepsis?

Surgical procedures, misdiagnosed or undiagnosed medical conditions, or other injuries could result in you contracting an infection. If allowed to progress without treatment, the infection could ultimately turn into sepsis and then septic shock.

Failure to diagnose leaves woman mostly blind

One of the challenges that Texas medical professionals face is that various conditions can share a wide number of symptoms. The responsibility then falls on a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis so that a patient can receive the most effective treatment possible under the circumstances. This may mean ordering multiple tests, accurately interpreting those test results and even obtaining a second opinion from a co-worker. Sadly, far too often, medical professionals are over-confident in their diagnosing abilities. This, in turn, can lead to a failure to diagnose a serious medical condition or a wrong diagnosis.

Negligence and surgical site infections

Often, when Texans wake up from surgery, they breathe a sigh of relief that everything went according to plan. Unfortunately, some surgical errors may not be discovered until days, weeks, months or even years down the road. This can be especially true when it comes to surgical site infections.

Stand up for your rights after a birth injury

The time surrounding the birth of a child can be filled with anticipation and anxiety. While most Texans are excited for the births of their children, most still have a concern in the back of their mind that something will go wrong. Fortunately, most births occur without incident, and the child and his or her parents go on to live happy and healthy lives. But, medical care when it comes to delivering a child is not foolproof, and when it is carried out negligently, serious harm can be inflicted upon a child, a mother or both.

Your baby suffers from necrotizing enterocolitis. What is it?

When you got pregnant, you probably had visions of satisfying food cravings, going to doctors' appointments and buying new clothes. Your thoughts may have gone directly from pregnancy to holding your newborn child while completely skipping over the potential for complications and the birthing process.

Surgical fires can cause serious injuries and death

Surgical errors are more common than Texans think. Far too often surgical instruments are left inside patients, the wrong body parts are operated on or the wrong operation is conducted. These incidents can leave victims seriously injured and even deformed. Making matters even more frightening is the fact that surgical errors can go far beyond a slip of the scalpel or a failure to count sponges prior to stitching a patient up.

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