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February 2019 Archives

Texas hospital facing birth injury claims after baby suffers harm

The birth of a baby should be a joyful and healthy process. Although complications can arise, medical professionals across the country are trained in the best practices for identifying, treating and preventing ailments in babies and mothers when the labor and delivery processes begin. When they fail to do so, serious and life-threatening harm can result and infants can become victims of significant birth injuries.

What is a "retained surgical body?"

A surgical procedure may be a Texas resident's best option for healing their body and improving their health. Doctors are required to inform their patients of the potential risks they may face when they choose surgery and, based on that information, patients may make informed choices of just how they wish to have their health restored.

Recovering from moderate to severe burns comes with other risks

You can engage in the same activities day in and day out without incident. Then, one day, things go terribly wrong. Perhaps you were in a car accident in which the car caught fire. Maybe you were lifting a boiling pot of water, and it slipped from your hands. You may even have been at work when a piece of equipment malfunctioned.

Legal issues related to losing a loved one

The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic experience for a family, no matter the circumstances that surround their death. When an elderly relative passes on a Texas family may struggle with the loss even if the deceased lived a long and wonderful life. However, when a person dies under conditions that should have been safe and even beneficial to them, the loss can carry with it even more weight.

What is hypoxia?

When problems arise within critical body functions, such as the respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular systems, a person's overall health and safety may be put at risk. Mistakes made by doctors during the birth of children in Texas can put them at risk of death and serious injury before they have even made their entrances into the world.

Who is most at risk of suffering from Wernicke encephalopathy?

Some Houston residents may take vitamin supplements without knowing whether they have a true need for them. In many cases, these supplements do little to benefit a person unless the individual has been diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency by a medical professional and prescribed a supplement. On the other side of that situation, you may have a vitamin deficiency that your doctor missed, and as a result, you may have suffered significantly.

Understanding the trauma of a wrong-site surgery

Wrong-site surgeries are serious medical mistakes that can threaten patients' lives and cause them unnecessary and long-term pain and suffering. Texas residents who become the victim of a wrong-site surgery should be aware of their rights and their options under the medical malpractice laws of the state to seek their damages. Wrong-site surgeries can happen in several different ways.

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