Kidney donor sues for medical malpractice

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The gift of an organ to another person is one of the most selfless gifts a person can give. Organ transplants save thousands of lives each year in the United States. In a recent medical malpractice case in Waco a woman claims that she should have never donated her kidney to her grandma. Because of a delayed diagnosis the grandmother received a kidney even though she had terminal cancer.
The grandmother was admitted to the hospital in January of 2012 for elevated blood pressure and headaches. A CAT scan of her head was conducted. The radiologist made a note that suggested cancer as a possibility.
Despite these findings the grandmother underwent a kidney transplant in February 2012 using her granddaughter as a donor. By August it was determined that the grandmother was suffering from fatal multiple myeloma. The grandmother died in January 2013. The lawsuit filed by the granddaughter alleges that the physician was negligent by not reviewing the radiologist’s report regarding the cancer suggestions. The lawsuit alleges that had the physician done so before the organ transplant he would have found that the grandmother was suffering from a fatal cancer and the granddaughter would not have donated her kidney. The granddaughter claims she has suffered with medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain, and other conditions because of the transplant.
Houston residents who feel they have suffered because of a negligent physician may find speaking to a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice to be helpful. When there is a failure to recognize of a serious diagnosis patients can undergo needless pain and suffering. An attorney can investigate the circumstances surrounding the medical event and determine who is at fault. Compensation is available for those who have suffered from negligent medical professionals.
Source:, “Granddaughter who donated kidney files malpractice suit,” Tommy Witherspoon, Aug. 9, 2014
Source:, “Granddaughter who donated kidney files malpractice suit,” Tommy Witherspoon, Aug. 9, 2014