Neonatal strokes can cause significant long-term damage

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Most parents in Texas are fortunate enough to experience the birth of their child without major complications. This should be the norm, after all, since doctors and nurses go through extensive education and training in an attempt to ensure that they can safely and effectively treat their patients. However, issues commonly arise during birth, sometimes resulting in birth injuries that can have a tremendous effect on a victim’s physical well-being, as well and the emotional and financial well-being of the victim’s family. When it can be determined that such harm has been caused by the negligence of another, a medical malpractice claim may be justified.
One serious harm that can be caused by medical neglect is neonatal stroke. This type of stroke is caused in newborn babies when blood is prevented from reaching the brain. These strokes can be caused by a blood clot that works its way to the brain, but it can also be caused by hypoxia, which is when the brain is deprived of oxygen. Sometimes during birth, a doctor may make a decision that causes a baby to be deprived of oxygen. If this results in a stroke, then medical malpractice has likely occurred. This type of stroke can cause long-term damage in a child. A victim will likely need extensive rehabilitative therapy, such as physical therapy to enable him or her to gain control of his or her limbs. Speech therapy will also be necessary, as parts of the brain that control speech development can be damaged during a stroke. Even after receiving these services, though, a child can live to never fully overcome the harm that has been caused to him or her.
Although neonatal and perinatal strokes can be caused by medical malpractice, they can also be caused by factors outside of a doctor’s control. This means that not all cases of neonatal stroke will be appropriate for a lawsuit, and even those that are can face a strong opposition. For these reasons, it is often wise for Texans affected by birth injuries to discuss their case with a qualified, experienced and aggressive legal team like the one found at Davis & Davis.