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While the growing science of cardiology has provided great advancements in health, too many cardiologists do not recognize issues before they are dangerous, or even fatal. The problem with cardiology in particular is that when a medical professional fails to recognize an impending heart attack, usually in an emergency room setting, the outcome is disastrous. Too often, these acute coronary symptoms are diagnosed as stomach problems. If a patient complains of what could be upper-central epigastric pain, cardiologists may not recognize the issue. The other major cardiology malpractice issue stems from failure to make a correct assessment of EKG or stress test results.

If a loved one has been injured or killed due to cardiology malpractice, we are ready to bring our decades of experience to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve.


Because we can reach out to our extensive network of medical experts, we can show that a physician failed to provide an accurate diagnosis or timely treatment that would have made a crucial difference in your case.

We want to point out that it is extremely important to reach out if your potential medical malpractice issue occurred late in the evening or on a weekend.

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