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Delayed treatment for brain injuries can be detrimental

College football season is coming to its exciting end as teams are preparing for conference championships and bowl games. While Texas residents may be excited to root for their favorite teams, they may notice that from week to week some of their teams' regular players are not on the field. This may be due to the players' suffering injuries and being in what many refer to as "concussion protocols."

Medical malpractice, brain injuries and dementia

It may be frightening to hear, but a lot can go wrong when receiving medical treatment. A doctor may fail to recognize certain symptoms of a serious condition, which can lead to a worsened condition, and medical operations can result in negligence and surgical errors that leave a patient forever changed. Even medication errors can prove deadly. Although there are a number of injuries that can be suffered as a result of medical malpractice, one of the most frightening is brain damage.

Cerebral hypoxia can cause serious brain damage

Brain injuries can occur in a number of ways. Commonly, this injury occurs when an individual suffers a blow to the head. However, brain damage can also occur when there is a lack of oxygen to the brain, which is medically referred to as cerebral hypoxia. This condition can arise from a number of circumstances, but may result from strangulation, the inhalation of smoke and compression to the throat.

When medical negligence leads to brain injury

People who suffer brain injuries often experience a momentous change in their daily lives. If you have suffered a brain injury, you might be having difficulty returning to everyday tasks such as employment or even your favorite hobby. Depending on the severity of your injury, you could be facing hurdles in life that may take years to overcome.

A physician error diagnosing heart attack or stroke can be deadly

Given the number of stories in which medical errors are discussed and people are seriously injured or die as a result, it is no surprise by now that doctors are not perfect. However, the scope of the mistakes they can make run the gamut between somewhat innocuous and fatal.

Problems during birth process may lead to infant brain injuries

The birth of a baby is often a celebrated time in the life of Houston parents. However, children, and especially infants, present challenges to the lives of those whose families they join, especially when their arrival is marred by birth injuries.

Failing to diagnose a condition can be deadly

There are countless ways a brain injury can occur. In some cases, the brain can be injured during a medical operation gone awry. Sometimes it may be a surgical error that causes limited blood flow or oxygen to the brain. Or it may be due to an issue during a pregnancy or birth. Or perhaps it was due to nurses giving the wrong drugs to a patient. The ways this can happen are nearly limitless.

Hope for brain injury victims after story of TBI recovery

Turning on the nightly news, more often than not, can leave a viewer depressed. It often seems that viewers are bombarded with story after story involving death, violence, injuries and bad things going on with the world. While it is of course important to recognize all the bad things that do go on, it can be refreshing to hear a good story now and then.

Brain injury victims are often especially vulnerable

The human brain is considered by many scientists and medical professionals to be the most complex object known to man. In the human body, its importance is unparalleled. Without a functioning brain, a person will die. When the brain is damaged and not fully functioning, a person may experience any number of different debilitating symptoms that limit a person's ability to function properly.

A concussion needs immediate attention

Many Houston residents have children involved in sports. From a very early age, kids join soccer and basketball league, play football, and lots of other sports. In recent years, a focus on kids getting concussions has taken center stage. A recent article in the journal Pediatrics highlights the importance of removing kids who have concussions and damage to the brain from the field immediately.

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