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A dentist can cause major medical issues

The panic of going to the dentist is a relatively common fear for many Houston residents. Although most of the time these fears are unfounded, a story has emerged this week of a dentist who is facing horrific allegations. The failure to follow acceptable standards has resulted in the dentist facing dozens of medical malpractice lawsuits.

Woman files suit after having to have second appendectomy

An appendectomy is a common surgery that many Houston residents will need at some point in their life. Although this surgery is done thousands of times each day to relieve patients' extreme pain, surgical errors can still occur.

How can surgical errors be reduced?

Many Houston residents will undergo some type of surgery during their lifetimes. While most surgeries go as planned, sometimes surgical errors occur. These errors can be life-threatening or even fatal. One error that occurs from time to time is the failure to remove all surgical equipment, such as clamps and sponges, from the patient after surgery. So how can surgical errors involving medical equipment left in a patient be reduced?

Popular Houston plastic surgeon under scrutiny

Elective cosmetic surgery is something that many Houston women have undergone. Recently, a news report was released warning those who have had breast implant and other cosmetic surgery done by a specific Houston plastic surgeon to have a check-up. Many medical malpractice incidents have been reported against him.

Botched circumcision leaves patient without penis

Circumcision, the removal of the foreskin on a penis, is usually done on male babies in Houston. Occasionally, though, the procedure is done on adult males who have infections or other medical conditions that warrant the small surgery. In Houston, many males have the procedure done each year with little incident. However, in a recent news report out of Birmingham, a man claims his entire penis was removed during a circumcision surgical error.

Surgical error lands woman multi-million dollar settlement

Houston residents know that all surgeries have risks. Medical professionals are usually pretty thorough in explaining the risks to their patients. But when something out of the ordinary goes wrong during surgery, patients and their families wonder if the surgical error could have been prevented.

Woman awarded large settlement for botched cosmetic surgery

Many Houston residents have cosmetic surgery or dream of one day having a surgery that makes them feel their best. Unfortunately, surgical errors can occur, causing much more pain and suffering for patients.

Woman goes into coma after cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgeries are common among Houston residents these days. Typically, these surgeries are safe and result in a person looking and feeling better about himself or herself. Occasionally, surgical complications arise that harm the patient. Sometimes these complications are the result of an anesthesia error and can constitute medical malpractice.

Port Neches man sues physician over hearing loss

Houston residents know how important it is to have physicians they can trust. A person's health is the most important thing they have and when a physician is negligent in a procedure a patient can be left with permanent injuries.

Physician charged with fraud for medical malpractice

When a person in Houston has medical issues that require surgery, it is assumed that the recommended surgery is necessary and will help the patient with their pain and suffering. When a physician is motivated by other factors instead of the Hippocratic Oath, patients can suffer from neglect through the physician's medical malpractice.

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