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Electronic health record errors are growing

As many people in Houston know, electronic medical records are appearing everywhere. From family physicians to hospitals, it seems like many medical providers are using computers to record healthcare and treatment details. But are these electronic health records accurate? The failure to follow acceptable standards in recording and maintaining electronic health records has led to an increase in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Man has leg amputated because of doctor error

When Houston residents go to the doctor they expect that they are going to receive the best care possible. In most cases their doctor is able to diagnose their ailment and help them down the road to recovery. But, occasionally there is a failure to recognize a serious condition that leads to the patient suffering serious injuries.

Cruise ships can now be held liable for medical malpractice

Since Houston is a port city for many cruise ships, residents are used to the large ships' presence and many have taken a vacation cruise. Most cruise passengers have an enjoyable experience and return relaxed and rejuvenated. But what happens if a person is injured while on a cruise and receives medical care from a negligent physician? Up until recently, the victim could not hold the cruise ship company liable for medical malpractice.

Man sues doctor for severe infection he receives after surgery

Many Houston residents will undergo surgery at some point in their lives. Most go as planned and help the patient with his or her ailment. Occasionally, however, a medical professional exhibits a failure to follow acceptable standards and there are some serious consequences.

Kidney donor sues for medical malpractice

The gift of an organ to another person is one of the most selfless gifts a person can give. Organ transplants save thousands of lives each year in the United States. In a recent medical malpractice case in Waco a woman claims that she should have never donated her kidney to her grandma. Because of a delayed diagnosis the grandmother received a kidney even though she had terminal cancer.

Woman awarded large settlement after undiagnosed strep throat

Common illnesses such as strep throat are conditions that many Houston residents will deal with in their lifetimes. These common illnesses can be easily detected by healthcare professionals using a test. But, when these illnesses go undetected and there is a failure to diagnose they can lead to a more severe infection.

Former football players may be victims of medical negligence

Football players typically work hard and their bodies can get banged up with all the abuse they take during a game. Texas residents may be interested to hear that a large group of National Football League players filed a lawsuit saying the NFL teams failed to follow acceptable standards when dispensing narcotics and other drugs during games.

Failure to diagnose Lyme's Disease cripples man

Houston residents who have dealt with chronic medical conditions with no answers know how frustrating and painful life can be. Misdiagnosis of a disease can lead to serious complications. A 34-year-old man has suffered recently over years of an undiagnosed disease.

6-year-old suffers from misdiagnosis

When a child becomes sick for no apparent reason, Houston parents know how scary a situation that can be. Parents trust that medical professionals are skilled in diagnosing whatever is wrong with their child and doing their best to make them well again. A misdiagnosis in a child can lead to a worsened condition and even an unexpected death.

New study indicates millions of Americans are misdiagnosed

Houston residents may visit their doctor for regular check-ups or on occasions when they're not feeling well. Patients usually assume that their physician will provide an accurate diagnosis. But, a new study by a Baylor College of Medicine employee shows that misdiagnosis happens to millions of Americans each year.

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