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Birth Injuries Archives

What is hypoxia?

When problems arise within critical body functions, such as the respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular systems, a person's overall health and safety may be put at risk. Mistakes made by doctors during the birth of children in Texas can put them at risk of death and serious injury before they have even made their entrances into the world.

Texas Supreme Court weighs in on birth injury case

The birth of a child is an exciting time in the lives of parents. While many prospective mothers and fathers may exert a great amount of effort to prepare for their child's arrival, they cannot always anticipate the needs that their children will have once they enter the world. Particularly when a child is born with an illness or injury, parents may need to scramble to understand their conditions and related care.

C-sections can impose risks on mothers and babies

A Cesarean section is an operation that may be necessary to facilitate the birth of a child. When a mother cannot deliver her child naturally, she may require the intervention of a C-section to safely bring her newborn into the world. While many C-sections happen every day in Texas without issue, C-sections can be dangerous when doctors and other medical professionals fail to properly monitor and care for both mothers and babies.

How does shoulder dystocia happen in newborns?

Shoulder dystocia can be a scary complication for a Texas mother in labor. It happens when a baby's shoulders become caught in its mother's pelvis during delivery and the baby cannot move forward through the birth canal. In many cases, doctors can quickly and safety extract the baby without any injuries or problems. However, if a child becomes lodged inside their mother for too long, they can suffer from some very serious and long-term complications.

Stand up for your rights after a birth injury

The time surrounding the birth of a child can be filled with anticipation and anxiety. While most Texans are excited for the births of their children, most still have a concern in the back of their mind that something will go wrong. Fortunately, most births occur without incident, and the child and his or her parents go on to live happy and healthy lives. But, medical care when it comes to delivering a child is not foolproof, and when it is carried out negligently, serious harm can be inflicted upon a child, a mother or both.

How much does it cost to treat cerebral palsy?

Texas families who are expecting the birth of a child anticipate that the process without be a joyous one. For many, though, giving birth can result in preventable injuries being suffered by a mother and her child. The damages that can result from these incidences can be enormous. A newborn's birth injury can leave him or her with lifelong physical limitation, pain, and suffering that can be costly to treat. A mother can suffer similar physical harm. An emotional toll can be levied, too. Taken as a whole, these damages can be overwhelming and leave a family struggling to figure out how to move on.

Medical errors put expecting mothers at risk of harm

One of the things our country prides itself on is its advances in medical research and technologies, which allow Texans to receive quick and effective medical care. In some circumstances, though, medical professionals fail to live up to this vision. Sometimes they have even considered some lapses in medical care to those seen in third-world countries.

Houston firm aggressively pursuing birth injury cases

Welcoming a child into the world is the start of a new journey. It should be filled with happiness and hope, and begin with strong bonding between a child and his or her parents. Unfortunately, though, many parents in Texas find that, upon birth of their child, they have to focus on ensuring their child's pain is reduced and unexpected injuries can heal. This is no small feat, as birth injuries can be quite severe, resulting in anything from broken bones to brain damage depending on the circumstances at hand.

The severity of Erb's palsy can dictate harm suffered

Newborn babies are extremely fragile. It's pretty amazing, then, that so many of them are born safe and healthy. One reason for this is because competent medical professionals are usually able to guide women through the birthing process in a way that ensures both the mother and child's well-being. Sometimes, however, medical professionals make errors that can cause serious injuries.

Neonatal strokes can cause significant long-term damage

Most parents in Texas are fortunate enough to experience the birth of their child without major complications. This should be the norm, after all, since doctors and nurses go through extensive education and training in an attempt to ensure that they can safely and effectively treat their patients. However, issues commonly arise during birth, sometimes resulting in birth injuries that can have a tremendous effect on a victim's physical well-being, as well and the emotional and financial well-being of the victim's family. When it can be determined that such harm has been caused by the negligence of another, a medical malpractice claim may be justified.

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