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Birth Injuries Archives

Pursuing justice after medical negligence causes birth injury

The birth of a child is one of the most joyous occasions a person may ever experience. Parents grow extremely fond of their child even before birth, and would never want to see a single hair on his or her head come to harm. However, the risk of serious birth injuries is real, especially when doctors and nurses fail to provide appropriate care.

General anesthesia can be risky business in childbirth

There's a reason why obstetricians tend to use general anesthesia only when it's necessary. Even though its use remains safe for most people, it does come with risks, especially for a woman about to give birth. Considering the fact that one of the only reasons that you would receive general anesthesia is because you require a C-section, you might not spend much time thinking about how it will occur, but instead think only of the safety of your unborn child.

Birth injuries: lawyers help Texans with cerebral palsy

Parents who have a child who suffers from cerebral palsy might be under the impression that it was a matter of circumstance and nothing could have been done to prevent it. While it is true that some instances of cerebral palsy come about because of congenital problems that is not always the case. There are instances in which a lack of oxygen to the child's brain caused it, and it happened because of a doctor or medical professional making a mistake. It is, at times like these, a parent needs to understand their rights to file a birth injury case.

Binding arbitration fails to stop suit

The Florida Supreme Court recently ruled on a medical malpractice suit that might have ramifications across the nation, depending on how each state handles arbitration suits. The ruling involved "binding arbitration" or an agreement between two parties to help quickly address disputes.

Who can be held liable for a birth injury?

While more often than not, the birth of a child leaves everyone involved, parents and child, happy and healthy, birth injuries do occur, and they are often the result of a doctor's negligence or error. Birth injuries can vary greatly in severity, with children experiencing few set-backs or issues for minor incidents, to catastrophic injuries with long-term or life-long effects and in some cases, the death of a child as a result of a doctor or medical professionals error.

How can a birth injury can affect an infant?

Birth injuries can take many forms. In a vast majority of cases, the birth of a child is a success, the result a healthy child and happy parents. Unfortunately, there are cases where a child is injured during delivery, due to any number of preventable and unpreventable reasons.

Family receives record brain injury verdict

A negligent birth injury can cause a lifetime of medical problems and extreme financial need. A birth injury case, however, can help alleviate some of these problems. In Chicago, a jury awarded a record-setting $53 million after finding that negligent healthcare caused birth injuries to an infant who displayed fetal distress symptoms.

What is cerebral palsy?

One of the biggest nightmares for soon-to-be parents is that their child is not born healthy. While many factors are sometimes completely out of the control of parents, such as hereditary conditions or illnesses that occur during the fetus's development, some disorders, such as cerebral palsy, often occur during a baby's delivery, and may be due to actions or inactions by the medical team during labor.

Medical malpractice lawsuits filed after tragic birth injuries

Expecting parents have a lot to think about: making space for their little one, rebalancing their finances and figuring out daycare. However, for many Texas families, their child's health is of paramount concern. Fortunately, most medical professionals have years of education, training and on-the-job experience. But, despite this experience, many doctors and nurses act in a way that leads to serious patient harm, even in the delivery room.

Medical malpractice and birth injury

Inadequate medical attention can result in serious injury, especially with newborn children. Every year, around 28,000 children are born with an injury from birth. In some cases, these injuries are unavoidable, but sometimes they are the result of negligence.

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