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Medical malpractice: the importance of expert witnesses

If you've been injured by the negligence of a doctor or other medical professionals, then you may be considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. If you're able to succeed on one of these claims you may be able to recover considerable compensation to help alleviate the damages you have suffered. This may mean recouping medical expenses and lost wages, as well as obtaining money to help ease pain and suffering. Although many of these cases settle before reaching trial, you still need to be prepared to go to trial. First, you may be unable to reach a resolution prior to trial. Second, having a thoroughly prepped case can give you leverage during settlement negotiations.

Girl wins medical malpractice claim after batched surgery

Properly provided medical care can be utterly amazing. Medication can alleviate the most severe of symptoms, and surgical interventions can help alleviate what would otherwise be debilitating conditions. However, despite their good intentions, some doctors make errors when providing this medical care. When this happens, a hopeful patient can be left with devastating consequences.

Lawsuit succeeds after surgical error causes amputations

Texas patients are supposed to be informed of the risks associated with any medical treatment they are to receive. Then, based on the information at hand, they can choose whether they want to confront the potential risks. However, sometimes medical professionals make mistakes that go beyond the risks identified when informed consent is obtained. These surgical errors can cause extensive, sometimes unbelievable, harm.

Harmed by surgical error? Our Houston firm stand ready to help

Last week on the blog we discussed anesthesia errors and the potential harm they can cause to innocent and unsuspecting patients. Although these types of medical errors can prove deadly, they are not the only mistakes medical professionals make in the operating room. Instead, doctors and nurses sometimes perform the wrong procedures, operate on the wrong part of the body or even leave surgical instruments inside of patients. Other times doctors mistakenly nick veins, arteries or organs, sometimes causing irreparable harm.

Anesthesia errors can result in significant harm

For a variety of reasons, invasive surgeries often require the use of anesthesia. By using anesthesia, a medical professional can better ensure that a patient doesn't feel pain, remains immobile during the operation and remains unconscious throughout the procedure. The drug's effectiveness lies in its ability to leave a patient in what is essentially a medically induced coma. Despite popular conceptions, the use of anesthesia does not merely put one to sleep.

Retained suture needle punctures child's aorta

If you find yourself nervous when you or a loved one needs to undergo surgery, you are not alone. Most Texans find themselves worried about the risks associated with a surgery. These fears are not unfounded. Tragically, surgical errors occur more often than many individuals realize, putting numerous individuals at risk of harm. Worsened medical conditions, additional injuries and even death can occur when a negligent medical professional makes an error during an operation.

A dehisced wound may be caused by medical malpractice

As readers of this blog know, medical malpractice can take many forms. Some instances of neglect are egregious, obviously accounting for the harm a patient suffers. Other times, though, a medical mistake can be so minor in comparison that it may not even be noticed at first. However, even these errors can leave patients with serious harm.

Texas firm representing those affected by surgical errors

Nobody likes the idea of having surgery. Yet, these operations are oftentimes imperative to remedy a medical condition, slow the advancement of disease or alleviate the symptoms of an injury or illness. The process can be quite scary, though, especially when one considers how complicated surgeries can be and how even a seemingly minor error can have devastating consequences, as in the case we discussed a few weeks ago on the blog.

Surgical sponges left behind in woman, causing pain

The practice of medicine is inherently dangerous. Patients are often given potent drugs and cut open all in an attempt to cure certain ailments. Fortunately, most medical professionals are thoroughly trained and hold an extensive amount of experience, thereby allowing them to provide competent medical treatment to their patients. Yet, even those who are educated and trained can make mistakes. When errors occur, innocent and unsuspecting patients can suffer significant harm that sometimes leaves them disabled or, in the worst cases, dead.

Medical malpractice lawsuit filed after surgical error discovered

We all expect the doctors and nurses that treat us to provide adequate and effective care to the best of their abilities. While many of these professionals live up to this standard, far too many fail. When they do, the results can be utterly tragic. Unsuspecting patients can be left with permanent injuries such as disability and disfigurement, a worsened medical condition, or death. These errant medical professionals need to be held accountable for their injurious and fatal actions and inactions, which oftentimes can only be done by pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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