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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Man receives millions after a failure to diagnose his ulcer

When a Houston resident goes to the doctor with a medical complaint, they assume their doctor will be able to figure out what is wrong with them. Most of the time doctors diagnose the correct ailment and are able to provide a treatment plan that works. But occasionally a patient suffers from their doctor's negligent failure to diagnose.

We help victims of medical malpractice

Each year, most Houston residents have at least one visit with their doctor. Most residents have visits for everything ranging from minor ailments to cancer. Houston residents are typically blessed with excellent medical care, but, occasionally, a medical provider is negligent in their care and their failure to diagnose a medical condition can have tragic consequences.

The failure to diagnose lung cancer can have fatal results

When a Houston resident hears they have cancer it can come as a shock. The unknown is often very scary and treatment options usually sound awful. Oftentimes, if cancer is detected early the survival rate is good. But when there is a failure to diagnose cancer on behalf of a medical professional it can lead to very serious consequences.

Many doctors do not know how dangerous painkillers can be

Prescription painkillers are drugs that many Houston residents might take in their lifetime. These drugs are prescribed after a surgery, for chronic pain and many other reasons related to pain management. But for some patients, these drugs could be misused and cause serious injuries. The failure to recognize the risks of prescription painkillers by medical professionals could lead to unexpected consequences and a worsened condition.

There can be time limits for medical malpractice claims

When patients in Houston have been injured because of the negligence of their medical provider, the medical professional could face serious consequences. It is important to hold these medical providers responsible for the injuries and damages his or her negligence caused. A medical malpractice claim could be an important way to show medical providers that their mistakes will not be tolerated. If an individual or family wants to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, there is a timeframe in Texas for filing such an action.

Amarillo doctor accused of negligence

Houston area residents generally trust his or her doctor and the decisions they make. Doctors are important parts of the lives of individuals, relying on them and their experience to keep patients well and to properly diagnose and threat them. When a doctor fails to uphold his or her duty of care, this could result in an injured patient and a claim for medical negligence.

VA hospitals have patient safety concerns

Many residents in the Houston area have served in the armed forces. It is important that veterans receive the medical care they were promised, deserve and require. However, in several cases, veterans are receiving sub-par care that is causing major medical concerns. The failure to follow acceptable standards is unacceptable for any patient, especially our veterans after all they have done for our country.

Study finds breast cancer is often misdiagnosed

Hearing the words, "you have cancer," from a doctor is something that almost everyone fears. For many cases of cancer, early detection can lead to a favorable outcome, but a failure to diagnose cancer can be devastating for a patient.

Electronic health record errors are growing

As many people in Houston know, electronic medical records are appearing everywhere. From family physicians to hospitals, it seems like many medical providers are using computers to record healthcare and treatment details. But are these electronic health records accurate? The failure to follow acceptable standards in recording and maintaining electronic health records has led to an increase in medical malpractice lawsuits.

A delayed diagnosis in Texas could require legal help

A delayed diagnosis could make the difference between life and death for a Texan. Unfortunately, these types of situations occur all the time, where a person is made seriously ill or even dies because a doctor did not correctly or promptly identify and treat that person's medical condition.

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