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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Texas doctor sued for providing wrong diagnoses

As medical technology and research continues to advance, new treatment options become available to patients. Although these options may be highly effective in treating some injuries and illnesses, those same treatments may be extremely harmful to those who are subjected to them but who do not possess the medical condition the treatment is meant to address. This is especially true when it comes to cancer treatment.

How is colon cancer detected?

There are a variety of cancers out there that can pose a significant health risk to unsuspecting Texans. The best way to combat these diseases is to catch them early and seek aggressive treatment as soon as they are detected. Medical professionals have a number of recommendations with regard to when certain cancer screening should occur and with what frequency, but the effectiveness of these tests are wholly dependent upon the medical professionals who conduct them.

Medical malpractice and vicarious liability

Texans who are harmed by a medical professional oftentimes want to hold that individual accountable. After all, in many instances the harm caused to an innocent patient can be traced back the actions or inactions of a single individual. This is true in instances of a failure to diagnose, a surgical error and birth injuries. As we have discussed often on this blog, when this happens, a victim can pursue a medical malpractice claim in hopes of recovering compensation for his or her damages. But what happens when those damages are so significant that the medical professional responsible for the harm is unable to pay for the full extent of damage caused?

Why objections are important, even if they are overruled

Texans who have been hurt by the actions or inactions of a negligent medical professional have the right to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. When successful, these claims can result in the recovery of compensation for a victim's damages, which may include extensive medical expenses and lost wages. These cases are often hotly contested, which means that victims need to be prepared to bring a strong case.

New study seeks to reduce medical misdiagnoses

When we think about the medical field we often think of doctors and nurses helping people get better. Whether patients have suffered an injury or been hit with an illness or disease, we expect these medical professionals to provide competent treatment. Sadly, though, our optimism is often misplaced.

Negligent hospital ordered to pay millions in damages

Although medical professionals are sometimes negligent in their treatment of Texans, the state's Medical Board tries to curtail the furtherance of this negligence by punishing those who fail to live up to the standard of care required of them. However, despite these efforts, far too many Texas hospitals fail to abide by the restrictions placed on doctors by the state's Medical Board. This can result in tragic consequences for unsuspecting patients.

Strong legal advocacy for failure to diagnose claims

Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition can leave an individual with frayed nerves. If you find yourself in this position, then you could find yourself worried about your prognosis, the cost and how it could affect your loved ones. It can truly be scary. But what can be even more terrifying is those individuals whose doctors either fail to diagnose them with a serious medical condition or give them a wrong diagnosis.

Skin cancer can be misdiagnosed as another skin condition

Doctors get paid a lot of money because their skills are oftentimes invaluable in ensuring patient safety. These professionals use their specialized knowledge, developed over years, sometimes even decades, of education and on-the-job training to ensure that they can identify and differentiate medical conditions and then effectively treat them. There's a lot at stake in this field, though, as a doctor who makes what may seem like a harmless mistake could actually be putting his patient's life in jeopardy.

Prostate cancer treatable if caught early

Cancer is a word that many Texans hate to hear. It can spark bad memories of loved ones who were overcome by the disease, or it may cause fear for the potential that one may become inflicted by it. Although this disease continues to be deadly for many, advances in detection and treatment have improved the prognoses of many. However, effective treatment of cancer often requires quick detection.

Failure to diagnose cases require strong representation

The medical field can be a place of wonder where miracles happen. Doctors can oftentimes identify and treat diseases before they become too advanced, allowing individuals to escape the pain and suffering that can be accompanied by long-term affliction. These medical professionals can even prevent death. As amazing as this is, there is a darker side to the medical field, one in which healthcare professionals neglect their duties and fail to protect their patients. In these instances, preventable death and injuries can occur, such as in the case we discussed previously on this blog.

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