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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Failure to diagnose allegedly led to child's death

There are a number of medical conditions that can befall an individual at any given time. When one of these injuries or illnesses strikes, Texans rely on competent medical professionals to make an accurate and timely diagnosis and also to provide the proper treatment in a safe fashion. Unfortunately, though, a significant number of doctors and nurses act negligently while carrying out their duties. The results of such negligence can be tragic, as one incident that gave rise to a recent lawsuit highlights.

Failure to diagnose appendicitis can be deadly

There are a number of medical conditions that can pose a serious risk of harm to patients when they are not quickly and accurately diagnosed. Most medical professionals should be, and are, aware of these conditions and how to spot them and treat them effectively. Others, though, may miss obvious signs. In these instances, patients can be left with extensive damages that are physical, emotional and financial in nature.

The effects of medical malpractice can be far-reaching

The failure to diagnose a medical condition can cause extensive harm to a patient. Of course, it can lead to a worsened condition and a decreased chance of survival, but even these severe damages don't highlight the full extent of harm caused by medical malpractice.

How does stroke affect the brain?

Nearly all of us feel a little off every now and them. Depending on the circumstances, the feeling could be chalked up to something as minor as allergies, or it could be something much more serious. This is why Texans turn to trusted doctors. Patients expect to have their symptoms properly assessed so that a diagnosis can be made and effective treatment can begin. Any misstep along the way, though, can result in serious harm to a patient.

Misdiagnosis of Alzheimer's disease disturbingly common

Although there may be a few symptoms that are similar, according to a study published in "Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions," it appears that the two are both being misdiagnosed at an alarming rate.

Woman receives incorrect cancer diagnosis

In Texas and across the U.S., those who are diagnosed with cancer will inevitably be fearful as to how the situation will proceed. Getting treatment as soon as possible is generally advisable. For some types of cancer, this can send the disease into remission and save the person's life. Regardless of the outcome, the diagnosis is the key. While misdiagnosed cancer is often categorized as a person having the disease and being told that they do not, it also works the other way with a person who does not have cancer being told that he or she has it. With these types of doctor errors, a person can be damaged significantly and has the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Doctor errors in hospitalized children found more often by family

Texans who are seeking medical care for children from a doctor or in a hospital will sometimes be confronted with the wrong diagnosis or some other mistake that can cause damage. Researchers constantly try to sift through data to determine the frequency with which these errors happen. One study found that in four pediatric hospitals, the rates of medical errors reported by family members far surpasses those by hospital incident reports.

Legal help with failure to diagnose after radiology tests

Texans who are experiencing a medical issue will generally do the smart thing and go to see a doctor. The medical professional's job is to diagnose the issue by using all available means. In some instances, that requires imaging technologies such as x-rays, MRIs, CT scans and other methods. Patients and their families will trust that the medical professionals know how to accurately assess the radiology results of these tests and come to a treatment plan to help alleviate the issue. Oftentimes they do.

Perceptions are leading to a failure to diagnose cancer

Doctors in Texas are meant to diagnose patients accurately, determine how best to provide treatment, and act accordingly. While this is the ideal scenario, the reality is that there are often mistakes made that can lead to delayed treatment. The wrong diagnosis, especially when it is misdiagnosed cancer or a failure to diagnose cancer, can be deadly. People who have suffered a worsening of their medical problems due to this level of mistake on the part of a medical professional or families who have lost a loved one need to be cognizant of their right to file a lawsuit to be compensated.

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