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We build aggressive and holistic birth injury cases

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed the costs associated with caring for cerebral palsy. Families that have a loved one who suffers from this condition can find themselves overwhelmed with medical expenses. In fact, these costs can easily reach the six and sometimes seven-figure range. For most Texans, this is unaffordable. It can threaten a family with financial ruin which, in turn, causes additional stress at a time when they need to focus on the care of their loved one.

Medical malpractice leaves child scarred and bald

Even though medical professionals tend to face the same medical complications time and again, there are many instances where they are presented with a unique and challenging situation. In these instances, doctors and nurses are expected to rely on their experience and training to make decisions that are in line with acceptable medical standards. This, in turn, will hopefully ensure that a patient does not receive any additional harm, and his or her medical condition will improve.

The costs of cerebral palsy can be overwhelming

Texas couples who are expecting a child may be overwhelmed with all of the health-related information and treatment they receive before their little one arrives. Although it may feel overwhelming, most of these pregnant women receive adequate explanation of their treatment and administration of care, allowing them to give birth to healthy and happy babies. In some instances, though, medical professionals, for one of a number of reasons, make mistakes that cause serious harm to babies. These birth injuries can have lifelong consequences that can have physical, emotional and financial ramifications.

Meconium aspiration syndrome and medical malpractice

The birthing process, though seemingly easy, is immensely difficult. Medical professionals must properly monitor a soon-to-be mother and her unborn child in order to spot any complications and, once those issues are identified, these medical professionals must take quick and effective action. When they fail to adequately monitor or act in response to problematic issues, mothers and their children can be seriously injured or even killed. Recovering from these harms can be challenging in their own right, leaving victims with physical, emotional and financial damages.

When is a C-section necessary?

One of the most efficient ways to prevent harm from occurring in the medical field is to provide quick and accurate care to patients. Oftentimes on this blog we discuss how a failure to diagnose, or a delayed diagnosis, can pose a serious risk to unsuspecting patients. While these situations can leave patients with significant harm and even death, timely and proper action is also needed when a woman is about to give birth. Most commonly, this issue arises when a doctor must make a decision about whether to conduct a C-section.

There's a fine line between right and wrong use of forceps

You have spent your pregnancy nurturing the new life inside of you while patiently, or impatiently, awaiting the arrival of your newborn. You have done what you can to prepare for the big day, but when it comes, the unexpected occurs, and the delivery does not go as you hoped or planned.

Group B Strep infection and birth injuries

The process of giving birth to a healthy child does not begin with the day that a child is born. Instead, extensive pre-natal healthcare and routine checkups are key to ensuring the health of both an unborn baby and his or her mother. Although most of the procedures that make up this care are routine, they can be critically important. When seemingly minor steps are missed, or test readings are misinterpreted, serious injuries and/or death can result.

Vacuum extraction and birth injuries

In an ideal world, every birth would be quick, easy, and painless. But we all know that the real world is far from the ideal one. The reality is that many Texans go through a long, painful, and emotionally difficult birthing process. It is during this time, when mothers and fathers-to-be are tired and mentally fatigued, that they may be asked to make important decisions that have a direct impact on the mother and child's health.

Study shows birth injuries from certain medical tools prevalent

Parents who are expecting a child in Texas and feeling excitement over the coming event and all its aspects will be loath to think about any potential negatives that can come about. In some cases, unfortunately, they do. In some instances, they are due to a negligent doctor. Birth injuries can lead to pain, lifelong struggles and massive expenses to treat and care for the child. Studies are done to determine how and why these birth injuries occur and it is important for parents to understand what might have happened in the event they want to consider pursuing compensation in a birth injury case.

Pursuing justice after medical negligence causes birth injury

The birth of a child is one of the most joyous occasions a person may ever experience. Parents grow extremely fond of their child even before birth, and would never want to see a single hair on his or her head come to harm. However, the risk of serious birth injuries is real, especially when doctors and nurses fail to provide appropriate care.

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