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What are some signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy?

Expectant parents in Houston are filled with excitement for the birth of their baby. Months are spent setting up the nursery, buying clothes and other supplies, and dreaming about their baby's future. Usually the birth goes as expected, but occasionally a birth injury like cerebral palsy occurs which changes a family's life forever.

Army medical center accused of medical malpractice

Many Houston residents are familiar with medical centers run by the government. Active duty military and veterans use these hospitals for their medical needs. Most would likely agree that these citizens deserve to have medical care that is up to the highest standards. Unfortunately, however, this is now always the case, and the care they receive can be substandard, as is the case when there is a failure to treat an emergency.

What are placental abruptions and its symptoms?

When a Houston couple is expecting a child, it is a time that is meant to result in happiness and excitement. Of course, there are the common concerns that accompany having a baby, but few actually think about the reality that there is the chance that complications could arise. Trusting one's doctor is inherent, but that does not mean that a negligent doctor won't make a mistake before, during and after the delivery process that could lead to issues that can cause long-term problems for the baby. One particular issue that is rare but does happen is placental abruptions.

A birth injury can affect a Houston family forever

Houston parents-to-be are faced with a barrage of feelings. Most are of excitement and anticipation but some can be of uncertainty. Most births go as planned but occasionally an unexpected and traumatic birth injury occurs. A serious birth injury can lead to a physical disability.

Baby dies at Houston hospital and parents want answers

The birth of a baby is an event that parents look forward to for several months. It is often the happiest and most joyful day of their lives. Months of anticipation, crib preparation, baby showers, painting of rooms leads to finally having the baby arrive. Most of the time babies arrive safely and health but occasionally a birth injury occurs that causes a serious injury or even death.

Can cerebral palsy be caused by a negligent doctor?

Many Houston families have had children affected by cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is not always caused by medical negligence but occasionally it does happen. Cerebral palsy is a life-long condition that can require years of therapy and other medical interventions.

Has your baby been the victim of medical malpractice?

Houston couples who are anxiously awaiting the birth of their child can feel nervous excitement about the future. The birth of a child can be a joyous occasion for most families but occasionally a birth trauma can lead to unexpected injuries.

Hospital baby naming conventions may be causing medical issues

Although many new parents have a name picked out for their baby from before their baby was born, some parents in the Houston area wait to see what they're having before picking out a name. That means that there are lots of babies in the hospital who don't have a name yet. And that may lead to medical negligence or a doctor's or nurse's mistake.

Can a water birth lead to birth injuries?

Expectant parents in the Houston area have many options when it comes to delivering their baby. The traditional hospital birth is still one of the most popular ways to have the baby but options such as water birth have recently been introduced. It is important to learn what the dangers can be during the procedure and whether birth trauma is possible.

A placental abruption can be very serious for mother and baby

Houston area couples who are expecting a baby are usually very excited for the new addition to their family. But occasionally an obstetrical complication occurs that can cause potential injury to both the mother and baby. One such complication is a placental abruption.

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