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Baby born in Port Arthur dies from alleged birth injury

Houston moms and dads know how special the birth of their child is. Any baby's entrance into the world is a highly anticipated event. Most births occur without incident, but when something goes wrong during birth and there is a wrongful death of a child it can be devastating, particularly if such a loss is precipitated by preventable birth injuries.

Large settlement reached in birth injuries trial

Houston families await the birth of a child with great anticipation. Most of the time these births occur with no complication and result in a healthy child and a grateful family. Still, complications can arise resulting in birth injuries or even death caused by such injuries.

Obstetrician sued for medical malpractice for birth injury

The birth of a baby is almost always the happiest of events. Houston moms and dads plan for the event by decorating rooms, purchasing clothes and running countless errands to get ready for the big arrival. When the delivery runs into complications, though, parents have one immediate task: getting answers as to what went wrong. When there are birth injuries they can be caused by a negligent doctor or negligent medical staff.

Texas hospital allows non-specialists to deliver babies

Although it can be painful and unpredictable, most families go through the process of childbirth without obstetrical complications and joyfully receive the new addition to their family. Most childbirths don't involve complications, and the reason may be because obstetrical specialists are good at monitoring risks and intervening when necessary. When medical providers are not adequately trained in obstetrics serious birth injuries can occur.

Brain injury during birth causes serious damage

For Houston residents, the birth of a child can be the most joyous of occasions. The anticipation of the parents' new bundle of joy and the careful planning of everything from the baby's room to making a birth plan is all part of the process for expectant parents.

Birth injuries among major causes of death for U.S. children

What may come as a surprise to readers in the Houston, Texas, area is that according to a recent study, life expectancy at birth in the U.S. is among the lowest of other high-income countries. The study further found that birth injuries were a major cause of death for children.

Hospital and its doctors sued for child's cerebral palsy

As many parents in the Houston, Texas area know, having a child is a big responsibility. But parents who entrust their child to medical professionals should not have to worry about the quality of health care the child receives. Unfortunately for one set of parents, the quality of that care has become a major concern. They are suing a hospital after their child was born with cerebral palsy due to allegedly preventable complications from the birth.

Family sues doctor and hospital for newborn's brain injury

Houston readers may be interested in a lawsuit has been filed against an Illinois doctor and the hospital he worked at for a newborn's injuries. The family is seeking compensation for the birth injuries that the newborn suffered as a result of asphyxia.

Hospital trying to discount expert's opinion in birth injury suit

As this blog has previously written about, birth injuries are almost never warranted. While anything can happen when dealing with the delivery of a child, expecting parents shouldn't expect or accept negligent care from the doctor and staff that they are being treated by. And when people try to hold those doctors and staff accountable for birth injuries, they should expect their big-money opponents to fight back.

Texas couple suing hospital over daughter's birth injuries

A child who is born facing an uphill battle because of injury or illness is never easy for a parent. But what can be more frustrating is if that injury was preventable but happened because of a medical staff's negligence. One Texas couple is trying to prove that in court, suing a hospital for injuries their daughter sustained during her birth.

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