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How Texans Can Recognize Thiamine Deficiency Before It's Too Late

At Davis & Davis, a major part of our legal practice is representing people who have been injured because of hospital errors. Often these mistakes could have been prevented if doctors, nurses or anesthesiologists had correctly used their medical knowledge or simply followed hospital protocol.

3 Things Texans Should Know About Wernicke's Disease

At Davis & Davis, we represent people throughout Texas who have been injured because of medical malpractice, and we'd like to take some time here to highlight a growing concern in the medical field: Wernicke encephalopathy.

Brain hypoxia can cause permanent disability

Many Houston residents know someone who has been affected by a brain injury. Brain injuries often are serious and can causing a lifetime of complications. Brain hypoxia is one brain injury that can be very serious and may cause permanent damage to the brain.

A brain injury can lead to lifetime complications

An injury to the brain is one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer from. The brain controls so many necessary functions of the body as well as the mind and can seriously alter a person's lifestyle. When someone suffers from damage to the brain their family know how life-altering this condition can be.

Study: Chiropractic care can result in worsened condition

Many Houston-area residents use a chiropractor as part of their medical care. Chiropractors can provide a range of services including pain management. But patients who do use a chiropractor should be aware that, according to some researchers, some types of service may result in a worsened condition for the patient. Some can even lead to a stroke.

Supreme Court allows more compensation for birth injuries

Readers in the Houston, Texas, may be interested to know about a recent United States Supreme Court decision that now protects victims of medical practice. The case involved a girl who suffered from severe birth injuries in 2000 and now has cerebral palsy. The girl's family sued the doctor responsible for medical malpractice and obtained a settlement worth $2.8 million. Afterwards, Medicaid came knocking at their door demanding one-third of that amount. In a major victory for medical malpractice victims, the US Supreme Court sent Medicaid home empty-handed.

Texas hospital and others sued for causing brain damage

Generally, expectant mothers in Houston, Texas, probably expect the birth of their child to occur without any major medical issues. Unfortunately for one Texas teen, this was not the case. After it was decided that she should undergo a C-section, the young mother was given spinal anesthesia which then led to severe complications. The girl's family is now suing the hospital and medical professionals for negligent medical care that resulted in permanent brain damage.

Transcription error results in patient's death

Houston readers may be interested in a recent medical malpractice verdict in Alabama. The case involved a medication dosage error which resulted in a woman's death. In what may be a sign of our times, the woman may not have died if the hospital had not outsourced its medical transcription services to India.

Family sues doctor and hospital for newborn's brain injury

Houston readers may be interested in a lawsuit has been filed against an Illinois doctor and the hospital he worked at for a newborn's injuries. The family is seeking compensation for the birth injuries that the newborn suffered as a result of asphyxia.

Brain injury and herbicide exposure linked to Parkinson's

Readers in Houston, Texas may be interested in a recent survey published in the journal Neurology. A UCLA conducted survey showed that adults who suffered from brain injuries and were also exposed to the herbicide paraquat were three times more at risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

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