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Lack of informed consent can form basis for medical malpractice

Medical professionals usually know which course of medical treatment is best suited for a particular injury or illness. However, a patient is the ultimate decider when it comes to the medical treatment that will be rendered. Why? One reason is that certain forms of medical treatment, including surgeries and medication, carry significant risks. If a patient is not aware of these risk, then he or she may make a decision without knowing that he or she could wind up seriously injured or even killed as a result.

How are surgical infections caused?

Texans who need a surgical operation can find themselves frightened for many reasons. They might be concerned with the costs, the results and even the process of being put under anesthesia. Although these are legitimate concerns, there are far more complications that can arise in the course of a medical procedure that can leave patients with serious harm.

Surgical error caused woman to have 27 additional operations

Even the most strong-willed people can find themselves uneasy when they have to undergo surgery. Fortunately, the vast majority of medical procedures are completed without incident, oftentimes leading to successful results. Yet, the number of surgical errors that occur are more than enough to cause concern. These mishaps can cause significant harm to unsuspecting patients, leaving them with serious injuries, a worsened medical condition or, in the worst instances, death.

Perforated bowel can lead to sepsis and death

Most surgical procedures have been around for a while, meaning that they have undergone scrutiny and have been honed and refined over time. Yet, even those procedures that have become relatively routine can turn dangerous and deadly when a negligent medical professional conducts them. Victims and surviving family members of those killed by medical malpractice may find it hard to get by physically, emotionally and financially in the aftermath of the incident, which is why they may want to consider pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medical malpractice for violation of state regulations

Behind every business is a whole scene involving regulations, licensure and the hiring and training of employees. Hospitals and other medical providers are no different. The state of Texas has enacted a number of laws and regulations that aim to protect patient safety by shaping the way these healthcare providers operate. Although they may be fined or otherwise sanctioned for failing to abide by these rules, failing to adhere to them can also leave patients at risk of being seriously injured, left with a worsened condition or killed by surgical errors. When this happens, it might be a good idea for a victim and his or her family to look at the applicable laws and regulations to see if any violations could have contributed to the incident.

Has a surgical error left you suffering?

Your car has seatbelts to improve the chances that you will survive an accident. However, if you are in a hurry and don't take the time to buckle up, those restraints do no good. In the same way, your hospital likely has protocol for minimizing the risk of mistakes during surgery. If your surgical team doesn't take the time to follow the protocol, what good is it?

Texas doctor accused of surgical errors

Medical professionals receive an extensive amount of training and education, which is to be expected since these individuals oftentimes hold Texans' well-being in the palm of their hands. Although most of these professionals carry out their duties competently, far too often unsuspecting Texans are subjected to subpar care, which leaves them serious injuries. In these events, these victims may want to take action to find accountability and closure, as well as seek compensation for their damages.

Texas firm dedicated to helping medical malpractice victims

Previously, this blog discussed what must be shown in order to impose liability on a negligent medical professional. Although the law has only a few requirements that must be shown before someone can succeed on their medical malpractice claim, the truth of the matter is that each of these elements can have many contested factual components. The biggest, of course, is that there was a breach in the standard of care owed to a patient. Although legally this only presents one issue, there can be a number of acts and omissions that can leave the matter open for argument.

Keys to determining fault in a medical malpractice claim

The last thing any person expects when they walk into a doctor's offer is the chance that they will walk out in a condition worse than when they entered. Unfortunately, as we have said before, doctors and medical professionals are human, and human's make mistakes. Often these mistakes are minor, but there are situations when the mistakes made by doctors or medical professionals could lead a patient to a worsened condition or even death.

The basics of surgical errors

It could be every patient's worst nightmare. You go in for surgery, trust your doctor and medical team to address your injury or illness and leave the operation room in worse shape than you entered. Sometimes the error is obvious, such as operating on the wrong side of the body or on the wrong organ. But at times, the nightmare could be even worse when you consider the fact that you often are not even aware anything is wrong.

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