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Should HIV positive medical staff be allowed to perform surgery?

Patients seeking medical attention in Houston for their health conditions typically believe that their doctors are taking whatever steps necessary to keep them safe. Although extremely rare, there have been cases of healthcare workers infecting their patients with HIV. Surgical errors can occur and patients here in Texas and around the world can acquire new diseases that only worsen their conditions.

Physician charged with fraud for medical malpractice

When a person in Houston has medical issues that require surgery, it is assumed that the recommended surgery is necessary and will help the patient with their pain and suffering. When a physician is motivated by other factors instead of the Hippocratic Oath, patients can suffer from neglect through the physician's medical malpractice.

Surgeon performs wrong site surgery on patients' spinal cords

Surgery always has inherent risks involved with it. Houston surgical patients are alerted to these risks before having surgery so they can make the decision of whether they believe the surgery will help their medical condition. But sometimes, surgical errors happen causing unexpected injuries and even death to patients.

Houston surgical error victim sues doctor for medical malpractice

Surgical errors, while rare in Houston, are often tragic for patients and their families. Surgical errors can occur in any surgery, no matter how routine. But when a surgeon makes a critical error by performing a procedure without patient consent, a medical malpractice lawsuit can allow a victim to hold that provider accountable.

Surgical mistake leads to wrong side of brain surgery

American's see doctors for a variety of reasons. One person may go to the doctor for a flu shot while the other may have to see a doctor to have surgery on an internal ailment. While the reasons for the visit may be different, everyone goes to a doctor because they have the medical knowledge to treat these ailments. But if a doctor makes a mistake, it can lead to serious complications, especially if that mistake is a surgical error.

Central Texas hospital fined by Medicare for surgical errors

Unfortunately for patients, yet another hospital in Texas has been fined by Medicare for its below-standard practices. A report found several deficiencies in the hospital's lab testing procedures, which caused many patients to undergo unnecessary procedures. It was also found that some emergency room patients had to wait up to five hours for their test results.

Texas Medicare patients at risk of surgical errors

Medicare recipients in the Houston, Texas, area may be concerned to hear about a recent report issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. According to the report, it is estimated that 6,000 hospital errors occur every month among Medicare patients alone. These errors are called "never events" and include surgical errors like operating on the wrong limb or having surgical equipment left inside a patient. It is also reported that 180,000 Medicare patients each year die from accidents and errors.

Researcher calls for public accounting of surgical errors

It may be alarming to readers in Houston, Texas, to know that at least 4,000 times a year in the United States, surgeons make serious mistakes such as performing an incorrect procedure or operating on the wrong body part of a patient. Even more alarming, is that in one in 15 of those cases, the patient dies as a result of the surgeon's mistake. So how can surgeons reduce these surgical errors? One researcher from Johns Hopkins says the answer is public accounting.

While surgical errors are rare, mistakes do happen

Chances are, residents in the Houston, Texas, area have either gone through surgery themselves or know someone who has. With millions of operations performed each year, surgeries are considered common these days. For the most part, they occur without any problems or complications. However, a Loyola University study found that many surgical errors occur each year.

Preventable surgical errors occur over 4,000 times per year

Readers in Houston, Texas, who have undergone surgery or are thinking about it should take note of a recent study performed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. The study estimates that 39 times a week, a surgeon leaves a foreign object such as surgical equipment left inside a patient after an operation. It also estimates that 20 times a week a surgeon performs the wrong procedure on a patient and operates on the wrong part of the body 20 times a week, as well.

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