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Accurate electronic health records important for patient safety

As many Houston area residents may have observed, the world of health records is moving into the digital world. Most doctors are now using electronic health records instead of hand recording. Although this can be more convenient, any errors can have severe consequences, including wrongful death, for patients.

Texas woman sues health care providers for death of husband

Many Texas residents have underlying health care conditions. Many people suffer from heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, and the like. These medical conditions can be complicated. However, most medical staff are well-trained in caring for an individual who has medical complications.

Small group of doctors cause large number of malpractice suits

Almost everyone in Houston will need to see a doctor at least every once in awhile. Most doctors are great at their job and give their patients a timely and accurate diagnosis. But there are doctors who make a medical mistake and put their patients at risk of wrongful death.

Psychiatrist accused of killing 36 patients arrested

The loss of a loved one for Houston families is a sad event. When the loss is unexpected and caused by another person's negligence the family can be even more upset. Medical malpractice that causes the wrongful death of a patient is a rare and tragic event that affects many families.

When should families consider requesting an autopsy?

The unexpected loss of a loved one for Houston residents can be devastating. A loved one is a cherished member of the family and breadwinner. and if the death is caused by a medical mistake it can be even harder to take. Most of the time people receive good medical care but occasionally a medical mistake occurs that results in a wrongful death.

VA hospitals may be understaffed, causing health concerns

The Houston area, like the rest of the United States, has thousands of military veterans as residents. Many of these veterans use VA hospitals but many of these hospitals are understaffed. This can lead to wrongful death along with other serious injuries.

Resident burnout can lead to a serious medical mistake

When a Houston resident goes to the hospital, some of their care may be provided by a resident medical doctor. A resident is a doctor who has graduated from medical school and is now doing on-the-job training. Although most residents do not cause harm to the patients they encounter, burnout caused by their grueling schedules may lead to the wrongful death of a patient.

Helping loved ones find accountability after a patient's death

In a recent post, this blog discussed that a recent study determined that medical malpractice was the third leading cause of death in this country. This means that here in Houston and all around the state of Texas and the rest of the nation, there are people who are now grieving the loss of a loved one who should not have to.

Who can bring a wrongful death lawsuit for medical malpractice?

Houston residents go to the doctor because they want to stay healthy or they need help getting better. Most of the time doctors help them and make them feel better. But sometimes doctors make fatal mistakes like the misdiagnosis of a fatal condition and their patients die. In this case families can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the medical provider.

What can we learn from Joan River's death?

Joan Rivers was a popular figure in Houston and across the country. When she died last week the nation was shocked and saddened by the loss. With high profile deaths, it can be a good time to learn about what can go wrong in medical procedures.

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