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Jackson's physician denied appeal in medication error case

When individuals and loved ones seek medical attention, medical providers are heavily relied upon to diagnose, treat and heal them correctly. Although medical professionals must uphold a high standard of care when dealing with a patient, errors could occur. This could happen when a doctor or medical staff is negligent. They could have missed a step or failed to take certain precautions. In other instances, patients might fail to inform their doctor about everything, and they could make a medical mistake based on this information.

Conrad Murray seeks reinstatement of medical license in Texas

Texas residents often believe that their doctor knows what they are doing and that the procedures and medications prescribed are in line with the patient's ailments. Most of the time this is true; unfortunately, negligence within the medical community can happen and a fatal medical error or wrongful death can occur.

Two Texas patients dead after receiving recalled drug

Prescription drugs are something that many Texans take. Patients who receive drugs understandably believe that they are receiving the drug to help their medical condition and certainly don't expect that the drug will lead to their untimely death. When a drug is negligently manufactured and injures or kills a patient, a fatal medication error has occurred.

Patient's death blamed on alleged medical mistake

Medical mistakes can happen during any medical procedure. Houston residents should be aware of the risks before consenting to any procedure. A loss of a loved one at the hands of a negligent medical professional is devastating to families, but wrongful death lawsuits can help families recover costs for overwhelming expenses.

Pro hockey player's family sues NHL over his overdose death

Derek Boogaard played in National Hockey League teams as an enforcer, a job that led to him getting in multiple fights on the ice. In these fights, he received repeated blows to the head, which led to brain injury. To treat his condition, NHL doctors prescribed Boogaard massive amounts of powerful painkillers. He got addicted to the medications and died of an accidental overdose. He was just 28 years old.

Doctor sued for wrongful death after treating overdose patient

Some of our Houston readers may know that when a personal injury lawsuit due to medical treatment errors, the plaintiff often sues not only the physician responsible, but also the insurance company as well. This was the case recently when the family of a man who had died after being treated for an accidental methadone overdose sued the doctor and his medical insurance company for wrongful death.

Patient death during X-ray procedure leads to wrongful death suit

Most Texas readers would probably agree that it is common to worry about family members who go to the hospital for a serious injury or for surgery. However, what about an X-ray? As one recent story points out, they too can be life threatening, at least in the hands of negligent physician.

Houston: payment policy doesn't cut two preventable infections

Houston readers may be interested to know that a policy implemented by Medicare that was designed to force hospitals to lower their infection rates has not had any effect. Infections in hospitals are a growing concern that could lead to many wrongful death cases.

Parents sue hospital for wrongful death of infant

Readers in Houston, Texas, can agree that when parents suffer the loss of their newborn baby due to medical malpractice, it is a very sad situation. Unfortunately for a couple in another state, they may have lost their baby due to a hospital's failure to properly diagnose the child. They are now suing for wrongful death.

Doctor faces both criminal charges and wrongful death suits

Readers in Houston might be interested in a recent story about a doctor who is facing involuntary manslaughter charges after he allegedly prescribed large amounts of painkillers to eight patients who fatally overdosed. The doctor also faces four medical malpractice suits, three of which are wrongful death suits.

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