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Child loses both legs after 4-hour ER wait

Houston parents who bring their toddler to the emergency room place a tremendous trust in the physicians and other professionals who assess and treat their child. When they are required to wait before being seen, most understand that emergency rooms do not operate on a first come, first served basis. Under the triage system, those who need more urgent treatment are seen first, and those whose ailments can wait are asked to wait.

Lawsuit claims failure to diagnose cancer resulted in death

Most readers in Houston, Texas, would be relieved to find out from a doctor that there is nothing wrong with them. But what if the doctor is wrong about the good news? One woman in another state recently died after a failure to diagnose her cancer. Her husband is now suing the doctor and the health center for wrongful death.

Family sues Texas healthcare center for wrongful death

Readers in Houston, Texas might assume that working at a healthcare center could increase the level of care that person receives if a surgery is required. Unfortunately, one Texas healthcare worker may have received just the opposite when she went in to her healthcare center. Due to fatal complications following surgery, the healthcare worker died the next day. Her family is now suing the medical facility for wrongful death due to negligence.

Court: patient can sue for failure to diagnose cancer

Readers in Houston, Texas, might be interested to know that an appeals court in another state recently overturned a decision by a county judge who had dismissed a medical malpractice lawsuit. A woman who, for five years, was not told that she had a cancerous kidney can now sue both the doctor and the clinic for her delayed diagnosis.

Texas medical board fails to discipline negligent doctors

During the past two decades, 58 percent of Texas doctors who have been sanctioned for serious offenses have never been disciplined by the state medical board, according to the nonprofit organization Public Citizen. That means doctors who have been found negligent and liable for medical malpractice such as failure to diagnose, improper performance and failure to treat, have continued to practice medicine without any discipline.

Lawsuit settled after HIV misdiagnosis by doctor

When a doctor fails to listen and to follow standard procedures, it can result in serious harm to a patient, or even loss of life. Readers in Houston, Texas, should be aware that cases of misdiagnosis may occur when a doctor fails to admit a patient for emergency treatment, fails to diagnose and treat a heart attack, stroke or other ailment in a timely fashion, or fails to consider or diagnose known or probable complications. Recently, a $20 million lawsuit involving a misdiagnosis of HIV settled after seven years in court.

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