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How differential diagnoses prevent erroneous diagnoses

Going to the doctor can be an overwhelming experience for a Houston resident. On top of having an injury or illness, they may have to submit to questions, testing, and assessments regarding their overall health. Many doctors use extensive information-finding tools to determine the precise causes of concern in their patients.

Failure to diagnose leaves woman mostly blind

One of the challenges that Texas medical professionals face is that various conditions can share a wide number of symptoms. The responsibility then falls on a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis so that a patient can receive the most effective treatment possible under the circumstances. This may mean ordering multiple tests, accurately interpreting those test results and even obtaining a second opinion from a co-worker. Sadly, far too often, medical professionals are over-confident in their diagnosing abilities. This, in turn, can lead to a failure to diagnose a serious medical condition or a wrong diagnosis.

Lawsuit: wrong diagnosis caused pain and suffering

Medical malpractice comes in many varieties in Texas. Most of the time, malpractice occurs when a doctor fails to take appropriate action in accordance with applicable medical standards. For example, a doctor may fail to conduct a sponge count following an operation, resulting in a sponge being left inside of a patient. This is often the situation in medical malpractice cases where doctors fail to diagnose a medical condition by neglecting to order the right tests or inaccurately interpreting test results. Sometimes, though, medical malpractice can occur even when it appears that doctors are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Man's leg amputated after infection goes untreated

Even the deadliest medical conditions can initially present as minor problems. Yet, it is in these early stages that these diseases need to be caught to be effectively treated. This means that Texas medical professionals need to be diligent in their diagnosing of patients, ensuring that they accurately order and read all appropriate tests. It is when mistakes in these areas are made that serious medical malpractice can occur. Far too often victims of these circumstances are seriously injured and left to pick up the physical, emotional and financial pieces of their lives.

New test allows for quicker heart attack detection

Heart attacks are amongst the most deadly medical conditions that can unexpectedly threaten an individual's life. The good news is that if a heart attack is caught quickly enough, medical treatment may be able to stop it, thereby halting any additional damage caused to the heart. This, in turn, can result in an individual's life being saved. However, for heart attacks to be detected, certain tests must be conducted and accurately interpreted.

Man wins lawsuit after failure to diagnose HIV

Texas residents expect their doctors to provide them with the best care. This is reasonable, especially in light of the amount of training and experience healthcare professionals accumulate before they are considered full-time medical professionals who are able to practice medicine on their own. However, even the most competent doctors can make mistakes that leave a patient suffering undeserved harm. Even more problematic is the fact that far too many medical professionals are incompetent in the way that they treat their patients. This, too, can result in serious injuries and even death.

How is brain cancer diagnosed?

Trained medical professionals can often make a quick diagnosis that, in turn, can lead to speedy and effective medical treatment. Oftentimes, this rapid response can lead to a decrease in symptoms, an improved prognosis and even complete remediation of the condition. Other times, however, medical professionals make errors in diagnosing conditions, which can lead to devastating consequences.

Baby dies after doctors fail to diagnose pertussis

The children and the elderly are amongst the most vulnerable people in our society. These individuals often has an undeveloped or weakened immune system that leaves them susceptible to certain diseases. Fortunately, advances in medical treatment have allowed doctors to adequately treat these conditions to ensure that they don't progress to the point of causing extreme harm or death. However, this usually requires a medical professional to make an accurate and timely diagnosis.

Texas doctor sued for providing wrong diagnoses

As medical technology and research continues to advance, new treatment options become available to patients. Although these options may be highly effective in treating some injuries and illnesses, those same treatments may be extremely harmful to those who are subjected to them but who do not possess the medical condition the treatment is meant to address. This is especially true when it comes to cancer treatment.

How is colon cancer detected?

There are a variety of cancers out there that can pose a significant health risk to unsuspecting Texans. The best way to combat these diseases is to catch them early and seek aggressive treatment as soon as they are detected. Medical professionals have a number of recommendations with regard to when certain cancer screening should occur and with what frequency, but the effectiveness of these tests are wholly dependent upon the medical professionals who conduct them.

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