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Sepsis, if not caught early, can be deadly

Many Houston residents have had medical emergencies that have required immediate treatment. Most of the time, the treatment they receive is appropriate for their condition and they get better. But, occasionally a person can receive a wrong diagnosis which leads to a worsened condition or even death.

Deaf patients may experience substandard medical care

When a Houston patient goes to the doctor they assume that their doctor will listen to their concerns and understand how to best treat them. Most of the time this is the case but for certain populations, like the deaf community, good medical care may be hard to find. Many times, deaf and hard of hearing patients do not have adequate translating services available to them which may lead to their doctor's failure to diagnose their medical condition.

Veterans may have received improper brain exams

Veterans are some of the most important people in our country. They have sacrificed many things in order to defend the United States. Veterans deserve the very best medical care but unfortunately it often falls short. One instance of this occurring has been the failure to recognize traumatic brain injury.

Skin cancer can be deadly if not caught early

Many Houston residents know someone who has suffered from skin cancer. Skin cancer affects affects thousands of Americans each year and can be deadly. If skin cancer is not diagnosed early or receives a wrong diagnosis, it can lead to intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments and even death.

What Are the Causes of Thiamine Deficiency?

It's a medical condition known by several names, and if not treated promptly, it can be devastating to your health. Thiamine deficiency -- also known as Vitamin B1 deficiency and beriberi -- is a nutritional deficiency linked to a variety of factors.

Even If Military Personnel Have a Malpractice Case, What Can They Do about It?

Medical malpractice and deaths related to negligent and reckless medical care have been on the rise, and civilians are not the only ones susceptible. Military men and women also deal with innumerable instances of medical malpractice at their own military hospitals. What is more frightening is the fact that they are receiving even worse care than the average citizen.

A state medical board may offer varying information on a doctor

Many times when Houston residents need to see a doctor, they will do a search online. There are many places to find information about a doctor, including the state medical boards. But is the information from a state medical board reliable? For many medical procedures it is important to know critical information about a medical provider including discipline records and mistakes they may have made, which can include the failure to diagnose a medical condition.

Have you been affected by a delayed diagnosis?

When a Houston area resident goes to the doctor they likely expect the doctor to provide an accurate diagnosis. Most of the time doctors are good at helping their patients get better. However, negligent doctors sometimes do not spend enough time and fail to diagnose a serious medical condition.

Communication problems can cause medical mistakes

When a Houston resident needs to go to the doctor, emergency room or hospital they likely expect to receive expert medical care that will resolve their medical situation. Most of the time this is the case, but in some unfortunate cases, a medical error like the failure to diagnose a condition or a surgical error occurs. A new study shows that many times these medical mistakes are caused by a failure to communicate.

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