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Gestational diabetes occurs when your body cannot produce enough insulin during pregnancy. Also known as gestational diabetes mellitus, the disorder affects roughly 10% of pregnant women in the United States every year. The disorder occurs in women who did not have diabetes before pregnancy. Also, the condition will often resolve after birth, but it can result in serious side effects to both mother and child if it goes undiagnosed or is not treated properly. 

When your doctor fails to use their expertise and years of training to properly diagnose your condition or handle your pregnancy with the attention it deserves, your child is put at risk of serious injury. If this occurs, the best course of action to take is to partner with a dedicated and compassionate gestational diabetes attorney in Houston, TX immediately. The team of highly qualified and lauded Houston gestational diabetes attorneys at Davis & Davis is prepared to handle even the most complicated medical malpractice cases

Proving Fault in Gestational Diabetes Cases

Sometimes, birth injuries occur and there is nothing to be done about it. Even the most qualified of doctors and healthcare professionals can only do so much. However, when a birth injury occurs due to an act of negligence by your healthcare professional, you are entitled to hold them accountable for their recklessness and recover damages. When you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, your doctor should immediately get you on a treatment plan to help with your insulin resistance. There are no side effects or warning signs, so regular checkups are vital to catching and diagnosing the disorder. 

Gestational diabetes can lead to macrosomia, which puts your child at risk of being larger than a typical baby. This can make delivery particularly difficult. When not monitored correctly, your doctor could injure the child during the birthing process by pulling too hard or using assistive devices incorrectly to accommodate the extra weight. Children with mothers with gestational diabetes are also at risk of being born early, having low blood sugar, and developing type 2 diabetes later in life. Your doctor owes you a standard of care, and when this care is breached, they can be held liable for their actions. 

How a Dedicated Gestational Diabetes Attorney in Houston Can Help Your Medical Malpractice Case

While you concentrate on taking care of your child and recovering from your traumatic birth experience, our team will get to work on the following important aspects of your case:

Collect Relevant Evidence

In order to prove negligence has occurred, our gestational diabetes lawyers in Houston, TX will need to immediately collect and analyze any time-sensitive information related to your case. This can include medical records, eyewitness accounts, and expert testimony to help break down the side effects of gestational diabetes and the potential tribulations associated with the disorder. This evidence will be used to demonstrate the full extent of your injuries and your losses. 

File Your Claim

Texas currently has a two-year statute of limitations to file your medical malpractice claim. There are exceptions to this deadline, which your gestational diabetes attorney can help review with you if necessary. Your claim will be filed with the at-fault party’s insurance to demonstrate that their negligence directly resulted in your child’s injuries. 

Your Houston Texas gestational diabetes attorney will handle all aspects of the claim process, including scheduling and negotiations with the insurance company. 

Fight for a Worthy Settlement

The side effects of medical malpractice can be lifelong and expensive. Texas currently offers two forms of compensation for victims, including economic and non-economic damages. These cover the following potential losses: 

  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Any required medical attention or equipment as a result of the medical malpractice
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Any rehabilitation or physical therapy 
  • Cost of prescription medication
  • Pain and suffering

Nobody should have to pay the price of a trusted healthcare professional’s blatant recklessness, which is why Davis & Davis fights so hard for our clients to get a settlement worthy of their losses. 

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In your journey towards justice and recovery from your gestational diabetes, you deserve a legal team that’s as dedicated as the medical professionals you trusted. At Davis & Davis, we’re committed to fighting for your rights and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve for your suffering. With our decades of experience, more than 300 jury trials, and a fearless approach to challenging cases, our gestational diabetes lawyers are ready to take on your medical malpractice claim with ease. With us,  you don’t have to worry about upfront fees – we only get paid when our Houston gestational diabetes lawyers win your case. Rest easy knowing you’re in capable hands.

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