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Bowel perforation during surgery is a serious mistake

Many people in the Houston area may have to have abdominal surgery at some point in their lives. For example, a C-Section is a type of abdominal surgery that many women in Texas undergo in order to deliver a healthy baby.

Even with modern technology and improved medical care, these are still serious operations that can lead to serious consequences should the surgeon make a careless mistake.

Aspiration can happen following a surgery

A previous post on this Texas blog talked about how aspiration can result when a hospital does not position a patient properly in a bed or chair. However, the fact is that a number of different types of errors or omissions on the part of care providers can cause aspiration, particularly during an operation.

Although they probably thought of it as little more than an annoyance, many Houston residents have probably experienced aspiration at some point in their lives. At its most basic level, aspiration involves water, food or other fluid going down the wrong pipe; that is, down the windpipe and into the lungs, as opposed to down to one's stomach.

The age of your loved one could increase the risk for sepsis

The average age of the population has risen in recent years, and as people age, they become more susceptible to illnesses that could put their lives in jeopardy. One of the health repercussions of this is the potential for contracting sepsis.

If you have a loved one age 65 or older, he or she is part of the population that makes up approximately 65% of the cases of sepsis. As you age, your chances of contracting an infection that could lead to sepsis increase due to the natural weakening of your immune system.

Another large verdict following a delayed C-Section

A single mother who was 29 at the time she gave birth will now at last be able to have her disabled child live with her in her home. Her dream is now possible because she was awarded a $50 million settled verdict against the hospital that delivered her baby five years ago.

In what seems like a story that just keeps repeating itself in hospitals across the country, this lawsuit started when doctors did not promptly proceed with Cesarean Section when the woman arrived at the hospital.

What are kidney stones, and how can they lead to sepsis?

What most people know about kidney stones is that they tend to produce the worst pain anyone has ever felt. More than likely, that's because the stones need to pass through a small opening through which only liquid usually passes.

If not treated aggressively and properly from the first signs of them, they could lead to an infection, and then to sepsis, which could easily become life-threatening.

Safety when transferring patients is important

Many Texas patients at a hospital or even a standalone medical facility may not be able to get around on their own, at least not without some help. In these situations, it is the responsibility of the medical staff to carefully and safely move the patient to where he or she needs to go. Moving patients if often important or even necessary to their health.

While sometimes moving a patient can be as simple as just standing by just in case the patient needs help, in other cases, the nursing staff may have to use a number of techniques, including a Hoyer lift or other machinery, to transfer a patient from one place to another. No matter the type of move, it is very important that medical professionals use the proper techniques to make these sorts of transfers.

We represent victims of unnecessary surgeries

In reality, there is no such thing as a minor surgery. Whenever a Houston resident goes under the knife, he has to put a lot of trust in his doctors and other professionals to protect his health. A lot can go wrong in any surgery, from flagrant mistakes, like wrong site surgery or leaving objects in the body to more subtle, but just as serious, errors like failure to monitor a patient or errors related to the administration of anesthesia.

Of course, even surgeries that go smoothly can mean a lot of pain, ongoing care and down time after the operation. In most cases, a Texan is willing to accept these risks if the surgery is medically necessary for her health.

Urgent care centers present malpractice issues

As many Houston residents may have experienced firsthand, one common trend in the world of modern medicine is the urgent care or walk-in medical clinic. These centers are attractive to patients since someone can go to them for medical care on weekends or after their doctor's office has closed.

At the same time, they rarely cost the hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars that a trip to a nearby hospital's emergency room can cost, meaning they are an affordable option for Texans, particularly those who either have no health insurance or inadequate health insurance. However, as recent news stories have shown, there is a potential for problems at these clinics.

C-Sections may be medically necessary

A previous post on this Texas blog talked about a major medical malpractice verdict awarded to a woman who was 16 at the time she gave birth. She successfully claimed that her providers should have proceeded with a Cesarean Section (C-Section), or surgical birth, when her baby showed signs of distress in the womb. Doctors for the hospital, on the other hand, have a different version of events and say that the woman refused to have a C-Section.

There are many reasons why a woman may need to have a C-Section in order to deliver a healthy child and remain healthy herself. While having a vaginal birth is usually a good idea when there are no medical concerns, it is ultimately the doctor's job to identify a woman's risk factors and, when they are present, to press upon the woman the importance of considering a surgical birth.

A delayed diagnosis of amyloidosis could put your life at risk

When you don't feel well, you may put off going to the doctor in the hopes that whatever it is will go away. However, when it doesn't, you go to see a doctor to find out what's wrong and get help.

In some cases, your symptoms lead to a clear diagnosis and a course of treatment that makes you feel better within a few days. In other cases, your symptoms could lead to different diagnoses, and you rely on the persistence and skills of your doctor to reach the right one in order to get your treatment started as quickly as possible. The problem is that some doctors fail to take the appropriate steps within time to make a difference.

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