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Legally reviewed by:
Steven R. Davis and John A. Davis, Jr.
May 15, 2024
A Brief Summary of the Following Article

  • Davis & Davis, a Texas law firm, is committed to aiding victims of medical malpractice in obtaining full financial compensation under state law.
  • Our firm handles a wide array of medical malpractice cases, including birth injuries, diagnosis errors, and surgical mistakes, offering experienced and ethical legal representation.
  • We emphasize the complexity of medical malpractice claims and the need for skilled legal guidance to effectively demonstrate liability and secure appropriate compensation.
  • Our firm stands out for tackling challenging cases and has a proven track record of significant financial recoveries for clients, both in Houston and nationally.
  • Use our contact form or call us at (888) 522-9444 to schedule a consultation. 

When someone is harmed by a negligent medical professional, they may wish to hold their physician accountable. Though we’d like to think medical negligence or malpractice is quite rare, the truth is actually the opposite. Each year, people file tens of thousands of medical malpractice claims here in the United States, which says something about the prevalence of this issue. Davis & Davis is one of only a handful of Texas firms that remain dedicated to helping the victims of medical malpractice obtain the full financial compensation available under Texas law. 

The Houston law firm of Davis & Davis offers quality, experienced, and ethical legal representation to individuals and families in Texas who have suffered from any form of medical malpractice due to a doctor’s negligent mistake. If you’re looking to sue a medical professional for harming you, contact a Houston medical malpractice lawyer from Davis & Davis today.

Houston Medical Malpractice Lawyer | Defending Medical Malpractice Victims in Texas

Here in Texas, medical malpractice is when a physician fails to follow the acceptable standard of care for a patient he or she is treating, and the patient is harmed as a direct result of the deviation from the standard care. Medical malpractice claims are complex legal matters that shouldn’t be addressed without a medical malpractice attorney who has significant experience handling injury claims involving physicians. A Harris County, Texas, medical malpractice lawyer in Harris County from our firm will fight for you each step of the way.

In Houston, medical malpractice cases are a severe concern, affecting countless individuals and their families. Our dedicated team of medical malpractice attorneys at Davis & Davis specializes in championing the rights of those wronged by medical negligence. With a deep understanding of the complexities of medical malpractice law in Texas, we provide robust legal support to ensure victims receive the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. Allow us to delve into the critical aspects of medical malpractice cases and how our legal team can help.

What Kinds of Medical Malpractice Cases Can Davis & Davis Handle?

We have a broad range of experience encompassing a variety of medical malpractice areas, including but not limited to the following:

  • Birth injuries
  • Diagnosis errors
  • Hospital and nursing errors
  • Medication errors
  • Pharmacy malpractice
  • Wrongful death cases
  • Failure to treat
  • Improper treatment
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Inadequate aftercare or instructions for at-home care
  • Errors in medication dosage
  • Performing the incorrect procedure
  • Product liability
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Bedsores
  • Burn injuries
  • Defective products
  • Emergency room errors
  • Premature discharge
  • Surgery on the wrong area

We can also support you with other case types you don’t see here, so don’t be afraid to call us with any questions or concerns you may have. We’re happy to provide clarity during this stressful time, and our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive fair compensation and that justice is appropriately served.

Our team is recognized for taking on complex cases that other firms might shy away from. We pride ourselves on always being ready to serve our clients and victims in need, regardless of the challenges ahead of us. For assistance managing your claim more efficiently and with far less stress, we encourage you to contact Davis & Davis as soon as possible.

What Type of Financial Recovery Can I Pursue During a Texas Medical Malpractice Claim? Common Types of Damages Available to Medical Malpractice Victims

Following someone’s negligence and medical malpractice, you will likely be eligible to receive some form of compensation for any losses. Damages qualifying for this monetary recovery will vary depending on the severity and personal circumstances. The following losses often qualify for significant compensation:

  • Attorney fees and legal charges
  • Medical bills, including
    • Ambulance rides
    • Office visits
    • Follow-up appointments
    • At-home treatment
    • Physical and occupational therapies
    • Future medical care
  • Loss of wages
  • Changes in wage-earning potential
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of consortium or companionship
  • Property damage
  • Lost property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Change in quality of life

Other losses may also qualify for compensation, depending on the circumstances. We encourage you to contact Davis & Davis for support during this time, as we can help you identify other eligible damages, estimate the value of your claim, increase your potential compensation, and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you may have.

Common Examples of Medical Malpractice/Negligence

Though medical malpractice and medical negligence are technically not the same thing, an act of medical malpractice can involve medical negligence. Still, medical negligence doesn’t necessarily reach the standard of malpractice. That said, if we can prove a medical professional was either negligent or committed an act of malpractice and you were hurt because of it, you should have legal recourse. Just some of the most common examples of medical malpractice and negligence that we see are as follows:

  • Birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, negligent handling of forceps, C-section complications, and more.
  • Diagnosis errors, such as failure to diagnose, delayed diagnosis, or misdiagnosis.
  • Hospital errors, such as hospital falls, sepsis infection, nursing errors, pulmonary embolism, and other emergency room errors.
  • Surgical errors, such as wrong-site surgery or leaving surgical instruments in someone’s body.
  • Medication errors, such as prescribing the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, or the administration of contraindicated drugs, or drug overdose resulting in a stroke or seizure that causes brain injury.
  • Anesthesia errors, such as failing to closely monitor a patient under anesthesia or administering an insufficient amount of anesthesia before a procedure.
  • Cardiology malpractice, including the failure to understand and properly diagnose dangerous cardiac problems.
  • Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndome
  • Brain injuries, due to improper treatment or hypoxic and anoxic brain injury resulting from a failure to monitor patients at risk for complications or drug interactions, or damage caused by oxygen deprivation.
  • Wrongful death caused by physician malpractice or negligence.

These are just some of the mistakes that may qualify as medical negligence or malpractice. If you were hurt because your doctor made any other type of critical error, you may have a valid claim. It would help if you spoke with our Houston medical malpractice attorney today so we can assess your case and determine the best path forward on your behalf.

Note: If your potential medical malpractice issue occurred on the weekend or after hours, reaching out to a legal advocate is all the more critical.

Proving a Medical Malpractice Claim: What Do I Need to Prove in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

To prove a medical malpractice claim, you’ll need a competent medical malpractice attorney in your corner who can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. There are certain crucial parts to winning a medical malpractice claim. They are as follows:

  • You were the medical professional’s patient, and the medical professional, therefore, owed you a duty of care.
  • The medical professional fell below or diverted from the medical standard of care when prescribing a course of treatment.
  • The physician’s action (or inaction) directly harmed you.
  • You incurred significant financial damages as a result.

Proving as much isn’t always easy, but with a competent and aggressive Harris County, Texas medical malpractice lawyer in your corner, you stand a far greater chance of recovering the compensation you deserve and need to heal.

Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice Claims in Houston: How Long You Have to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

In Texas, the statute of limitations is typically two years. This means an injured patient is required to file their medical malpractice claim within two years of the date they were harmed by the medical professional. You should note, however, that it’s always best to bring a claim to our firm’s attention as swiftly as possible.

While statutes of limitations may feel frustrating, you should know they are used to ensure fairness within the justice system. Understandably, quality evidence, witnesses, and other information will be much harder to find after two years have passed. Even if you are well within the statute of limitations for your medical malpractice claim, we recommend filing a claim as soon as possible. By working quickly, you and your legal team are far more likely to walk away with favorable results.

Should I Hire a Houston, Texas Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

If you are in legal matters of any kind, we strongly recommend you work with a Harris County medical malpractice lawyer who has the appropriate experience and understanding within that legal field. When you have been subjected to medical malpractice in the Houston area, retaining support from a specialized medical malpractice attorney is an excellent choice. By working with a dedicated medical malpractice lawyer from Davis & Davis, we can support you in the following ways:

  • Provide legal knowledge
  • Negotiate
  • Speak on your behalf
  • Communicate with insurance companies
  • Level the playing field against other legal representatives
  • Connect you with additional legal specialists
  • Refer you to medical practitioners when necessary
  • Collect and analyze evidence
  • Join or lead investigations related to your case
  • Complete and file paperwork
  • Explain laws and practices as they apply to your claim
  • Recommend next steps tailored to your needs
  • Estimate the value of your claim
  • Increase the compensation you can receive
  • Identify qualifying losses
  • Reduce your stress
  • Decrease litigation time

We can support you in numerous ways, so don’t hesitate to request additional support at any time. Our team works on contingency and offers free consultations, so you only pay us when you win your case. Further, attorney fees often qualify for compensation, so only the liable party is likely to pay for our services. This means you don’t pay us out of pocket, you receive fair compensation for your needs and losses, and you get excellent representation during this challenging time.

Please refrain from representing yourself during these legal matters, as this can quickly result in less-than-ideal results and compensation. By working with a Harris County medical malpractice attorney, you avoid any unnecessary stress, reduce litigation time, increase the compensation you qualify to receive, and you can take advantage of several other positive effects. We urge you to contact us as soon as possible to improve your odds of legal success even further.

How to Prepare for Your Initial Consultation with a Houston Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Preparing for your free consultation with our legal team may vary depending on your specific circumstances. Generally speaking, we recommend you collect and organize any evidence or useful documents containing information pertaining to your case. This information will generally include medical bills, pay stubs beginning around the time of the incident, bills relating to property damage or replacement, and other items notating monetary loss due to the circumstances. These will help us have a better understanding of your situation.

Medical malpractice can be stressful, personally and legally. Do not worry about collecting additional evidence, especially if you are physically unable to do so, as we can handle the rest by joining or leading investigations. If you are unable to bring any evidence with you, that is okay too.

Please be prepared to be as honest as possible, as our consultation will be confidential. Within the client-attorney relationship, your privacy is as safe as it can be. Any information you provide, even that which may put you in a bad light, will help us build a strong case in your favor. We will ask clarifying questions whenever necessary.

If there are any legal steps you have not taken yet, including speaking with your insurance, that’s okay. We can help you handle these next steps and mitigate any risks during communication with these parties. If you have already spoken to your insurance company or any other parties, please tell us about how these conversations went. We can help you make decisions about moving forward from there.

If you have any questions for us, don’t be afraid to write them down and bring your notes with us. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have, offer clarity, and bring you peace of mind. The legal team at Davis & Davis wants you to feel comfortable and confident with our support, and we’re open to hearing requests for further assistance and information. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to begin working with us.

Contact a Houston, Texas Medical Malpractice Lawyer: Davis & Davis Can Provide Valuable Support and Obtain Fair Compensation on Your Behalf

If you’ve been harmed by a medical professional, our firm is on your side and ready to fight for your rightful compensation. Davis & Davis proudly serves clients in and around Houston. Use our contact form or call us at (888) 522-9444. When you contact Davis & Davis today, we can schedule your free initial consultation with our experienced legal team. We are here to guide you through each phase of the process ahead.

Our Houston-based law firm, with nearly 70 years of combined legal experience and over 300 jury trials, is dedicated to fighting for the rights of medical malpractice victims. In the landscape of medical malpractice in Texas, we stand out for our unwavering commitment. Davis & Davis proudly accepts referrals from Texas attorneys and law firms nationwide.

John A. Davis, Jr.


John A. Davis, Jr. and Steven R. Davis

May 15 2024

Steven R. Davis and John A. Davis, Jr. are experienced attorneys at Davis & Davis, a law firm that specializes in medical malpractice cases in Texas. With a deep commitment to justice that guides their ethical approach, Davis and Davis have dedicated their careers to helping victims of medical negligence. They and their team continue to advocate for clients, despite the challenges posed by Texas's cap on recoverable damages in malpractice lawsuits. Davis & Davis pride themselves on their extensive experience in the field and their readiness to meet clients across the United States.

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