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Davis & Davis, Attorneys At Law is experienced in handling cases throughout the United States. No matter where you are located, we can help you. Our firm believes it is critical to have the appropriate legal assistance when dealing with such a serious matter. While our office may be in Houston, we are ready to come to you and offer you the same level of professionalism, dedication, and determination we have provided so many others just like you.

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Few law firms focus exclusively on medical malpractice cases. At Davis & Davis, our Houston medical malpractice lawyers have nearly 70 years of combined experience, have handled more than 300 jury trials, and have earned a reputation for fighting hard for victims of medical mistakes, including surgical errors, birth & labor injuries, hospital liability, medication errors, and more. While we are a Texas law firm, our attorneys handle cases nationwide. Regardless of your location, we want to help. Give us a call to get your free case evaluation right away.

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Medical malpractice cases are complex and involve the intersection of medicine and law. Very few attorneys focus exclusively on this area of law, and your case could easily end up in inexperienced hands. Don't take a chance on your future. Hire a team of attorneys with nearly seven decades of combined experience and a singular focus. Work with Davis & Davis, Attorneys At Law.

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Steven R Davis & John A Davis, Jr

Cases We Handle

Our Houston medical malpractice lawyers have handled hundreds of complex cases in Texas and throughout the United States. We take on medical malpractice cases of all types, including cases other firms are too scared to accept, and we are ready to help you next. All you need to do is reach out. You won’t spend a nickel of your own money unless we win your case. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling us. Take our medical and legal knowledge and put it to work for you today.

Client’s Testimonials

Thank you so much for reviewing my husband’s medical records. I truly appreciate you taking the time to give us your professional opinion. My children and I feel much better about the care that Steve received and can put this matter to rest. Once again, thank you for your time and efforts.

- Client

Even though I admit that I’m trying to forget the circumstances under which our lives crossed paths, I know I won’t forget the graciousness and compassion that you & your thoughtful staff extended to me!

- L.M.

Kindly receive my infinite gratitude for standing by my side in the difficult moments and for your trust and insights. I wish many future successes to you and your firm. My best for your future endeavors.

- VF

Steve. I just want to say thank you again for all your hard work on my case. I know you, Leslie, & Fred did your best. I am very grateful that I didn’t walk away empty-handed. I hope this will help Dr. _____ be a more careful doctor in the future. Thanks for being so kind to me.

- GC

It has been very rare, in my life, that I have met what I call “remarkable” people. Those men and women who embody what is good in a person. Qualities like, honesty, humor, patience and most of all, a love of humanity. I would like to include you in my very short list of “remarkable” people JD, because you do all those things so effortlessly, as if it is part of your chromosome structure. I like you JD and my son can confirm, I don’t like a whole bunch of folks, but then, that is part of the circle of life. Thank you with all the good that is left in my heart for all you did for me and my family. My appreciation also extends to Steve, blessings to Leslie for her patience as well. I hope we meet again one day. Remarkable people make for the best friends.

- L.F.

Ok thanks for everything. Y’all were great to work with. Shocked that emails answered so fast. Tell Steven I says thanks for everything. If y’all need a reference let me know. Just so shocked he was able to lower Aetna claim so much. Thanks again. I so happy I picked Steven. I actually contacted another firm and they told me I never get any money. So I kept trying and found Steven. Thanks again.

- Client

My Dear Leslie, I wanted for you to know that it has been such a pleasure knowing you. Your kind patience was above and beyond the call of duty. I also know that you put your heart and soul into your work. The endless understanding that you gave me over the past 3.5 years, well… there should be a medal for it! I was pretty angry a lot of the time I e-mailed you and it took me so long to realize, that none of my case was not your fault, I am so very sorry…Misters Davis and Davis are blessed to have you at the helm and so was I! You will always be in my heart, Leslie…take care and always BE well.

- PH

As I have said many times, this [case] was important to her, so I wanted to honor her wishes as best I could. You helped me do that, and for that, I’ll always be grateful. You understood the odds, yet you took the case anyway, when just about anyone else would have dismissed it as not worth the time. You listened to what I said and understood my mission both before and after she died. Again, thank you. I know she’s smiling from heaven right now. I don’t know when I’ll ever be in Houston, but if I find myself that way and schedules allow, I’d love to take you to lunch. And, if you are ever in Dallas, please call.

- Client

I wanted to send this note to tell you how appreciative Dan, I, and Ryan are that you chose to represent us in our father’s (grandfather’s) case against Peterson Memorial Hospital. We couldn’t have been represented by anyone better. You all put your heart and soul into this case. It showed in everything you did. Your compassion for our feelings and your concern for our heartbreak will always be remembered. We cannot tell you how much your dedication, your persistence, and professionalism meant to all of us. It is beyond expression. We really cannot thank you enough and if you ever need a recommendation please feel free to give them my name, number, and any contact information. You are the very best at what you do! You really are Super Lawyers! We are so very fortunate to have found you.

- Laurie

Dear Steve, I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness and compassion in being willing to investigate the claims in my case. I know that the effort put forth by you and your staff was time consuming and expensive. You are truly an asset to our profession and seem to have a real heart to help those injured. I will tell you that I actually cried with relief when I received your letter outlining the expert’s findings in my case resulting in a conclusion that my injury was not due to medical negligence or recklessness but more than likely to a weird accident or happenstance. I am grateful to you and your staff for that knowledge- the knowledge that another person did not actually hurt me and had exceeded the standards of care to me. While I was emotionally devastated by this event in December, I have come to realize it was truly a gift from the Lord for such a trial. I feel I have grown more spiritually mature and with that am experiencing a sense of freedom, and gratitude for the life He has given me. Thank you again for being such a true blessing.

- M.R.

Thank you all for your hard work, and helping me with this… I have no words. But helping me find a little peace with Tracy’s death helps me. I really don’t care about the money, I wanted to sue everyone just to punish them…especially the surgeon. She was ignored in so many ways that’s so unforgivable. I really, really appreciate all the work that went into this. I just figured that no one would care, or step up to help hold people accountable for Tracy’s death. I thank you Leslie for all you’ve done and being so responsive for over the more than a year we’ve spent on this. It’s all been challenging for me in a lot of ways, but everyone on your side made this “task” as easy as possible for me. I see Tracy in my dreams, and we’re together or I’m trying to find her, and it always ends in that we’re not together anymore because she died. I wake up to that, and that’s my life. I’ll never truly heal, I just think you live the rest of your life with grief and try to live with it. Thank you all. I’m glad that we’ve done this, and I’m glad part is over. Take care and know that I really do appreciate what you’ve done.

- Michael M.

I have been most fortunate to be represented by Davis & Davis in a very complicated medical malpractice case for the past 2 years. First, Leslie and JD took the time to really listen to me and believed in my case when no other law firm did. Second, with decades of legal experience in medical malpractice, JD took a chance on my case and found experts that testified to the wrongs that had been done to me. Third, JD is a skilled negotiator and I came to trust 100% that he had my back and my best interest at heart every step of the way. Fourth, I am positive that JD, Leslie and Crystal work together in the best possible way and they included me as part of their team; this resulted in a very significant mediated settlement without the stress of going to trial. Thank you, JD, Leslie and Crystal for going to bat for me and believing in me. You are all truly exceptional individuals and I am grateful for all you did on my behalf.

- Laura G.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank J.D Steve, Leslie and the rest of the team for exceptional representation regarding my mothers malpractice case. It wasn’t easy but they did it! Davis and Davis is a very professional and outstanding malpractice law firm. I appreciate the consistency and hard work of the Davis & Davis law firm as a whole. With out a doubt I would tell anyone who’s in need of a malpractice lawyer take ya best shot with Davis and Davis their good honest trustworthy people and I am extremely grateful!

- Alicia G.

Phenomenal law firm we dealt with John Davis and he went above and beyond to help us win our case. So thankful for them!

- Laura S.

Good place of business.

- Zianna T.

JD is amazing. Dedicated and compassionate about his clients. Best of all settled our case. He went beyond and is a GOOD honest man.

- Geneviene M.

A lighthouse serves as a beacon of hope in a storm

A Beacon of Hope For Those Seeking Justice

Davis & Davis recognizes the frustration born out of a sudden catastrophic injury or wrongful death at the hands of a medical provider. We will work closely with you to thoroughly investigate your case and obtain maximum compensation. While you focus on healing from the act of a doctor, nurse, or medical facility, we focus on protecting your future and that of your family. In a time when there are fewer and fewer attorneys who will fight against medical malpractice, our firm stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking justice.

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