The Process of Filing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

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Legally reviewed by:
Steven R. Davis and John A. Davis, Jr.
July 11, 2024

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is a complex and often daunting process, but it is a crucial step for individuals who have suffered due to medical negligence. Understanding the steps involved can help you navigate the legal system more effectively and can also improve your chances of a favorable outcome, which includes compensation to cover the cost of your losses.

The journey to justice begins with recognizing you may have a valid claim. From there, knowing how to start the legal process and what to expect at each stage can make a significant difference. Whether you’re dealing with a misdiagnosis, surgical error, or any other form of medical malpractice, being informed and prepared is essential, and Davis & Davis is here to help. 

Starting the Legal Process of Filing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Starting the legal process for a medical malpractice lawsuit begins with an initial consultation with a medical malpractice attorney from Davis & Davis. During this meeting, you will discuss the details of your case with our team, including the medical treatment you received and how it led to your injury. From here, we will evaluate the merits of your claim and advise you on the next steps. 

Once you decide to proceed, our team will begin gathering and reviewing your medical records. This comprehensive review helps in understanding the medical history and pinpointing where the malpractice occurred. Identifying witnesses is another crucial step, as their testimony can provide the necessary evidence to support your claim. These individuals will review the records and offer opinions on whether the standard of care was breached. This preparation phase is vital for building a strong case before formally filing a lawsuit.

What Are the Steps Involved in Filing the Lawsuit?

The process of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit starts with drafting and filing a complaint with the appropriate court. This legal document outlines the allegations against the defendant, detailing how the medical professional’s actions deviated from accepted standards of care, leading to your injury. Once the complaint is filed, the defendant must be served with a copy of the lawsuit, officially notifying them of the legal action.

Following the initial filing, the discovery phase begins, where both parties exchange relevant information and evidence. This phase includes written interrogatories, requests for documents, and depositions of involved parties and witnesses. Discovery allows both sides to gather the necessary facts to support their case. Pre-trial motions may also be filed during this period, addressing various legal issues that can affect the trial. Settlement negotiations or mediation sessions often occur during the discovery phase, as both sides assess the strengths and weaknesses of their positions. 

Medical malpractice occurrences can result in long-lasting and costly damages, and we will fight for an amount that adequately covers your past, present, and future losses. If a worthy settlement amount cannot be reached, we are trial tested and proven to take your case to trial, where each party presents its evidence and arguments before a judge or jury.

Let Our Team Help You File Your Medical Malpractice Claim 

Navigating the complexities of a medical malpractice lawsuit can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. At Davis & Davis, we bring over 70 years of combined experience to the table, with a deep understanding of the legal landscape in Texas and nationwide. Our dedication to our clients and unwavering commitment to justice set us apart in the field of medical malpractice law.

We work tirelessly to build strong cases for our clients, leveraging our extensive knowledge and resources to seek the best possible outcomes. Whether you’re dealing with a surgical error, misdiagnosis, or any other form of medical negligence, we’re here to help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact us at (888) 522-9444 or through our contact form to schedule a no-cost consultation and take the first step toward justice.

John A. Davis, Jr.


John A. Davis, Jr. and Steven R. Davis

July 11 2024

Steven R. Davis and John A. Davis, Jr. are experienced attorneys at Davis & Davis, a law firm that specializes in medical malpractice cases in Texas. With a deep commitment to justice that guides their ethical approach, Davis and Davis have dedicated their careers to helping victims of medical negligence. They and their team continue to advocate for clients, despite the challenges posed by Texas's cap on recoverable damages in malpractice lawsuits. Davis & Davis pride themselves on their extensive experience in the field and their readiness to meet clients across the United States.

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