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When you go to the hospital or see your doctor for brain injury symptoms, you trust them to listen to you, run all the appropriate tests, and perform the necessary procedures. This is called duty of care, and it refers to the acceptable degree of medical care that any healthcare worker of similar experience and knowledge in a similar situation would provide. If a medical professional has neglected this duty and caused or worsened your brain injury, our Davis & Davis brain injury lawyers in Houston, Texas are here to help. Our experienced team works hard to help you obtain the compensation you need to rebuild your life. 

With over 70 years of combined experience and over 300 jury trials handled successfully, you can trust us to take on your claim no matter the circumstances. We are not afraid to face a challenge and do everything our brain injury lawyers can to get you the justice you deserve. Our compassionate Houston brain injury lawyers take the time to listen to your story and develop a personalized plan based on your needs and goals so that you can make informed decisions and have the best chance of achieving full compensation. 

Who May Be Liable for a Brain Injury Caused by Medical Error?

When a medical professional owes you a duty of care, fails to uphold this duty, and directly causes your injuries and other damages, our team can help you hold them accountable for their negligence. However, you may find it challenging to identify an at-fault party on your own. Our brain injury attorneys in Houston, TX can help you gather and analyze evidence to determine who caused your injuries, which may include one of the following parties:

  • Doctor: If your doctor failed to diagnose your brain injury, gave another surgeon or specialist poor notes, failed to monitor you or your child before, during, or after childbirth, or overly prescribed a medication that caused neurological damage, they may be liable for your damages.
  • Surgeon: A surgeon may be liable for your brain injury if they failed to exercise the proper standard of care during the procedure.
  • Anesthesiologist: If an anesthesiologist administered too much anesthesia or did not administer it properly, they could be responsible for your brain injury.
  • Other staff member: Another medical staff member may be liable if they distracted your doctor or surgeon or failed to provide the appropriate tools and assistance during a procedure.
  • Pharmacist: If a pharmacist mislabeled or miscounted a medication that resulted in your brain injury, they may be responsible for your damages. 

Most brain injuries caused by human error are preventable, making them even more devastating. Though doctors are human and are not mistake-free, they are held to a high standard of conduct. By meeting these standards, the potential for causing patients’ brain injury is minimized. When medical professionals neglect this standard, our lawyers are here to help gather the evidence needed to prove their fault and build a strong claim to achieve a successful outcome.

What Damages Can You Recover for a Houston Brain Injury Claim?

At Davis & Davis, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial effects that a brain injury can have on your life. Therefore, our brain injury lawyers in Houston fight tirelessly for maximum compensation, which may include the following costs depending on your circumstances:

  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prescribed medication
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Disability
  • Reduced quality of life

While some of these damages, like medical bills and lost wages, are relatively straightforward to calculate, others, like pain and suffering, are often more complicated. Our knowledgeable brain injury lawyers in Houston, TX understand how to accurately determine your claim’s value so that you have the best chance of achieving a fair settlement. 

Additionally, it’s important to note that Texas law places a cap on non-economic damages, which include pain and suffering, reduced quality of life, and emotional distress. For cases involving doctors, other healthcare providers, and a single institution, the damage cap is $250,000. If your claim involves multiple institutions, you may claim up to $500,000 in non-economic damages.

How Can a Houston Brain Injury Lawyer Help With Your Claim?

After sustaining a brain injury due to medical malpractice, your top priority should be recovery instead of handling the legal process. With the valuable guidance and support from our brain injury lawyers at Davis & Davis, you can do just that. We effectively manage every element of your claim, including the following:

  • Thoroughly investigating your claim
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence
  • Answering your questions
  • Filing your claim within the two-year statute of limitations
  • Utilizing resources like medical experts to strengthen your claim
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Taking your claim to court if necessary

Medical malpractice claims are often complex, making them challenging to handle without a Houston brain injury lawyer’s help. Our seasoned team specializes in medical malpractice, so we understand what it takes to successfully take on your case. With our top-tier, hands-on services, you can have the peace of mind that you are in the right hands. 

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Sustaining a brain injury due to a medical professional’s negligence can affect all aspects of your life. You deserve representation that will fight for your rights and maximum compensation. Our Davis & Davis brain injury lawyers are committed to fiercely advocating for victims of medical malpractice in Texas and across the nation. While you take the time you need to heal, we work hard to protect your future.

In our 70 years of collective experience, we proudly serve as a beacon of hope for brain injury victims in Houston. Our caring team’s high-quality services begin when you call us to schedule a free consultation. To learn more about our services and the best path forward, call us at (888) 522-9444 or fill out our contact form. Davis & Davis accepts referrals from Texas brain injury attorneys and law firms nationwide.