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Physicians of all kinds owe it to their patients to be attentive, vigilant and dedicated to their well-being at all times. Unfortunately, physicians are sometimes guilty of carelessness or neglectfulness, and often, this behavior leads to patients sustaining serious harm. If you or a loved one suffered from misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, a Houston diagnosis error lawyer from Davis & Davis, Attorneys at Law, can help. The doctors may not have been paying attention then, but we can help make sure they pay attention now. Contact us today so we can get started.

Diagnosis Errors Can Be Fatal | A Misdiagnosis Lawyer in Houston Can Fight for You

Did it seem like the doctors were on autopilot, that they simply weren’t listening to you when you told them something was seriously wrong? A Houston medical malpractice lawyer from Davis & Davis can help you fight for the compensation you deserve and need.

Protecting Families from Further Unnecessary Harm

The Houston law firm of Davis & Davis offers honest answers, straightforward legal advice, and aggressive trial representation to victims of wrong diagnoses in Texas, including:

  • Failure to admit for emergency treatment, radiology errors, such as the failure to order necessary radiological surveys (X-rays, CAT scans, etc.), and other emergency room errors.
  • Failure to diagnose and treat a heart attack or stroke in a timely fashion, leading to permanent damage to the heart or brain or even wrongful death
  • Failure to diagnose cancer or misdiagnosis of breast cancer.
  • Failure to consider and diagnose known or likely complications, such as perforated bowel following an invasive abdominal procedure or thiamine deficiency before and after gastrointestinal or bariatric surgery
  • Failure to follow accepted standards of post-surgical care, especially with regards to infection (sepsis), pulmonary embolism, and bleeding complications
  • Failure to note or act upon patient complaints or family concerns and other common nursing errors
  • Failure to recognize the most serious diagnosis (a diagnosis of indigestion or anxiety when the patient is actually suffering a heart attack, for example) and other doctor errors
  • Failure to respond appropriately to serious complications during delivery resulting in birth injury

When a loved one dies as a result of fatal misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, an experienced Houston misdiagnosis error lawyer from Davis & Davis is here to help their family seek the full amount of financial compensation for medical negligence available under Texas law.

As diagnosis error attorneys, we view it as our duty to stand up for the victims of doctors who don’t listen and don’t follow standard procedures. It is our goal to prevent future harm and loss of life by making doctors think twice before they ignore a patient’s symptoms or fail to make an easy diagnosis.

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