A concussion needs immediate attention

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Many Houston residents have children involved in sports. From a very early age, kids join soccer and basketball league, play football, and lots of other sports. In recent years, a focus on kids getting concussions has taken center stage. A recent article in the journal Pediatrics highlights the importance of removing kids who have concussions and damage to the brain from the field immediately.
A sports-related concussion can happen to anyone who is playing sports. Coaches and parents are better aware of these medical traumas in light of recent research. A study recently completed shows it is important to remove sports players immediately from play when they suffer from a concussion. The study showed that kids who were not removed from playing took almost twice as long to recover than those kids who were removed immediately. Kids who were immediately pulled from the game took an average of 22 days to recover from the concussion while those who were not removed took 44 days to recover on average.
Many coaches and parents have been trained on recognizing a concussion in kids who are playing sports. These symptoms may include a headache that won’t go away, ringing in ears, blurred vision, feeling dazed, repeated vomiting, uncontrollable crying, difficulty concentrating, among other symptoms. It is important that a traumatic brain injury is recognized and treated by a qualified medical professional. If a family believes their loved one’s brain injury was not diagnosed correctly, they may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice.
A concussion is a serious head injury that should not be taken lightly. A traumatic brain injury can greatly affect a person for the rest of their lives. It is important that safety precautions are taken to help prevent a head injury and that it is recognized immediately.
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