A delayed diagnosis in Texas could require legal help

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A delayed diagnosis could make the difference between life and death for a Texan. Unfortunately, these types of situations occur all the time, where a person is made seriously ill or even dies because a doctor did not correctly or promptly identify and treat that person’s medical condition.
For example, the failure to promptly diagnose and treat a heart attack could lead to permanent damage. In addition, the failure of an emergency department to promptly admit a seriously ill patient could lead to further suffering and potentially a worsening condition. Furthermore, the failure to administer blood work, x-rays or other tests could result in a delayed diagnosis that significantly impacts a patient’s health.
A delayed diagnosis could be due to a number of factors. Perhaps the doctor was not listening to the patient’s concerns. Or the doctor could’ve been simply overlooking the real issue and instead pointing to a more common diagnosis and leaving it at that. Unfortunately, even in the midst of a prolonged illness or death, doctors may be unwilling to admit they did anything wrong.
Victims of a delayed diagnosis suffer more than just damage to their health. They suffer the medical costs that continue to rack up from having to undergo unnecessary medical procedures or having to seek a second or even third opinion before their medical condition is properly diagnosed and treated. If this happens to you, then you may need to turn to an attorney for help. The attorneys at Davis & Davis Attorneys At Law understand that a delayed diagnosis can be a disastrous medical, emotional and financial situation for patients. Their webpage on delayed diagnosis can provide Texans with more information about how a delayed diagnosis can affect a person’s well-being and how taking legal action may provide some relief.