Birth Injuries Due to Improper Medical Care Affect Many Families

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When Texas mothers give birth, the last thing they’re thinking about is the potential for their babies to be injured during birth. They’re thinking about giving birth to babies that are healthy and happy. When babies are born healthy, everything is great. Unfortunately, some babies are born with a myriad of health problems and/or injuries that stem birth injuries they received during the birthing process.
Birth injuries can occur during any part of the birthing process. This means that things can go wrong while the baby is still in utero, during birth as the baby is going through the birth canal, or directly after birth. While some birth injuries may be beyond anyone’s control, others are as a result of medical malpractice or incompetence.
There are many different types of birth injuries. A baby may experience a bruised or swollen head due to being pulled roughly through the birth canal. These types of injuries as well as others like lacerations are also present with children born by C-section. Birth injuries like those related to mistakenly cutting the bowel duct are also highly likely with children being delivered by C-section. Some babies Experience nerve damage to their limbs. Many babies experience broken shoulders or clavicles when they’re pulled too roughly through the birth canal.
When parents have children who’ve suffered birth injuries, there are several different entities that can be sued. Some of those entities include hospitals, doctors, nurses, and anyone else who may have had a direct hand in the difficulties surrounding the birth.
There are organizations throughout the country like the FDA’s Office of Women’s Health that provide birth injury resources for victims. Parents looking for justice for babies who’ve suffered birth injuries may benefit by working with law firms that have experience with this type of malpractice. There are so many parties that could be involved when it comes to birth injuries, and lawyers with experience will know how to navigate the process.